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If you are a subdivided housing investor, then you must understand our case. The design of our case can help you save 200,000 investment costs at any time and shorten the payback period by 1 year. The design feature of this case is that a 4-bedroom share apartment can be created without any brickwork, painting, or door frames. Moreover, the construction period is very short and can be completed within a month at the earliest. Greatly shortening the period of vacancy and rent loss.

So how can it be done?

The method is to use furniture rooms and use sliding doors to perfectly integrate with furniture to use up all the space in the house. Rent out all available space. In the rental world, every square foot is money. In this case, we used furniture to create a 4-bedroom rental unit for our guests. Each room is equipped with a platform bed (4-foot hydraulic bed), electric lift, sliding door wardrobe and room sliding door.

As soon as you enter the main door, there is an entrance cabinet. The entrance cabinet serves as a partition and can display unique accessories to create a warm atmosphere. Add a little fragrance to add some warmth. This entrance cabinet is a place for changing shoes in this share apartment. Neatly storing shoes can make guests feel comfortable.

After passing the entrance cabinet, you will see the first room with three doors. This room was originally intended to be a multi-functional room, but we also made a floor so that this room can be rented out if necessary. Since it is a multi-functional room, the wardrobe is only half-height and can be used to place a TV or game console. There is a 1 meter by 1 meter electric lifting platform in the middle of the platform that can be used by 4 people at the same time.

Opposite the 3-door room is a larger room, equipped with the furniture mentioned earlier, and also has a single-sided window. The wardrobe in the room is a double-sided cabinet, with the front facing the room and a locked sliding door on the back.

The third room is located at the corner of the unit and has double-sided windows. It also has a double-sided sliding door wardrobe. The purpose of the sliding door wardrobe is to prevent guests from opening the wardrobe door when their luggage is placed in front of the wardrobe.

The last room is a small room, but it also has a single-sided window and a half-height wardrobe. The half-height wardrobe is mainly to avoid blocking the air-conditioning.

As seen in the case, a 4-bedroom unit only needs one corridor to reach the 4 rooms. Of course, some people may think that corridors are a waste of space, but we believe that as long as they are used well and can give full play to the functions of leading to different rooms, it is not necessarily a bad design solution.

On the other hand, the kitchen uses an open kitchen cabinet design to facilitate communication between residents and other residents. It also allows other residents to pay attention to the condition of the kitchen and makes the kitchen look clean and hygienic.

Use furniture and sliding doors to complement each other to perfectly utilize every inch of rentable space in the unit. If you would like to learn more about possible design solutions for your unit, you are welcome to contact our designers.

走廊 飾櫃 飾櫃 走廊 房趟門 房地台+趟門 榻榻米 房地台 電動升降枱 趟門 趟門 房趟門 地台寸 地台床+衣櫃 地台床或榻榻米 房趟門 地台床+衣櫃 榻榻米 榻榻米 改趟門 榻榻米 榻榻米 榻榻米 榻榻米 廚房 浴室


partition sliding door

Living Room

Bathroom Vanity

sliding door

Raised Platform

Divider Cabinet




Open Kitchen

Storage Bed

Kitchen Cabinet

Shoe Cabinet

Living Room Raised Platform

Platform Bed

electric height-adjustable desk


C-Shaped Cabinet

seamless stone countertop




Bedroom Cabinet

L-shape Kitchen Cabinet

partition wall






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