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HK$2,300 / 每橫尺 (尺數多有優惠)
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This is a simple platform bed custom-made for guests. We made the soft upholstery of the platform bed into two upper and lower parts, which particularly shows the sense of lines. The platform bed is just high enough to accommodate a large suitcase. We made two cabinet buckets at the end of the bed that open on the side, but because the guests at the head of the bed would also put other things on the side and in front, we did not make cabinet buckets to avoid the situation that they could not be opened, so we just made The top of the door panel is lifted. At the end of the bed, we made a TV cabinet. Storage can be done inside, which can be accessed by opening the sliding door. The height of the panel under the sliding door is just right for the height of the mattress. In this way, the sliding door will not be pushed up by the mattress and cause frequent derailment.


If you also want to make a platform bed with TV cabinet, please feel free to contact us~!!

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