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Custom Storage Beds

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Custom Storage Beds

Our Storage Bed Design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom-made storage beds, and is familiar with the layout of Hong Kong apartments and the multi-functional uses of hydraulic beds. We will definitely help you create the most practical and beautiful storage bed!

6 Quality Guarantees

Space Efficient.Great Storage

Use of the space underneath is limitless, store big or small items as necessary
Plentiful storage space underneath
Can be accessed without removing the mattress or pillows
Under the bed storage is nothing new. For a long time, we've had storage beds where you can place blankets, sheets, pillows, etc. For some designs though, they are very inconvenient because they require taking everything off the top to access the storage. That problem goes away with the addition of hydraulic struts. 

The supports help to keep the weight of the bed up when accessing the storage. They greatly reduce the force required to lift the mattress up. There is no need to take off the mattress or pillows, making the whole experience more convenient. 

Well-designed.Easy Access

Opens without any effort, a hassle-free storage experience
Our designers will select the appropriate struts for your bed 
If the hydraulics are too strong, it will be hard to close, if too weak, they will not support the weight
The strength of the strut really determines how  smoothly it opens and closes. Each strut is labelled with the maximum weight that it can support. 

This is very important when pairing it with your mattress. Choosing the right one will allow for smooth access. Holetto's designers will choose based on the mattress that the customer wants to use. We do strict calculations in order to ensure safety and convenice of use. 

Electric Lift.Upgraded Experience

You can have an electric lift for only +HK$2500, it just requires the push of a button to open!

Combined Functionality

The storage bed is not only a bed, but a piece of functional furniture. 

Hydraulic beds an be integrated into different rooms of the house too. You may choose to put a similar design in the living room or to use hydraulic lifts for storage within other furniture. The possibilities are endless. 
Platform + Hydraulic Bed
Headboard Storage
Headboard Cushion

100% Real Customer Reviews

"Choose Holetto and add value to your home!"
Quality and service are both very good!
Miss Chen
Scenery Court
Great installation!
Chun Yeung Estate
A great choice, highly recommend!
Mr. Sze
Telford Gardens

Ample Accessories.Keep Things Organized

Variety of accessories to fit all your needs
Headboard Light Strip
Leather Handles & Pulls
Drawer Lock
Soft-close Rails
Headboard Cushion

Various Styles • Make it Your Own

Pink, wood grain, grey, simple, Nordic, European are all possible colors and styles
Grey is a very popular choice in recent years
A white bed frame fits the Nordic style

Flexible Sizing.Fits Your Needs

Holetto provides one-stop storage bed design. We handle the quotation, design, production, and installation.
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Need the Best Storage Bed? Choose Holetto!
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FAQ For Custom-Made Storage Bed

What is a storage bed?

A storage bed, also known as a hydraulic storage bed, has space underneath the mattress to store extra sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. It is easy to access the storage area with the help of the hydraulic struts. It requires very little effort and is just like opening the trunk of your car.

Why are storage beds so popular?

Lack of storage space is a very big problem in smaller apartments/living spaces. Every square inch should be maximized. Having storage space underneath the mattress means that the area the bed takes up on the floor is the same. The bed just gets directly pushed up to reveal the large storage area underneath. No matter who the bed is for, there is no problem when trying to access the storage. This is a convenient and smart solution.

What should you pay attention to with a custom storage bed?

The thickness of the mattress matters.

Many people assume any size mattress can work, but this is incorrect. Based on the design of the storage bed and the width of the supporting board, there is a limit to how thick your mattress can be. When ordering a custom storage bed, please communicate to the designer the thickness of your mattress. They will advise you on the correct path to take.

What's the difference between a storage bed and platform bed?

For the storage bed, there are two hydraulic struts supporting the mattress on the left and right sides. You can directly lift the mattress up to access the storage space. For a platform bed, you will have to move the mattress to the side in order to access the underneath storage. This makes the hydraulic bed much more convenient and easy to use.

However, the hydraulic bed can only be opened to a 40-50 degree angle, whereas the platform bed can be opened a full 90 degrees. This angle difference will make pulling things out a bit less convenient for this style of bed.

Are your hydraulic beds safe?

Completely safe.

When designing the bed, we will make sure to ask customers about the size and thickness of mattress. We will then use that to calculate the appropriate amount of support that the struts need.

In the past, there were some problems with the hydraulic supports not being strong enough for the weight. This has not been an issue for Holetto, as we make sure to calculate everything accurately beforehand. Please make sure to give accurate sizes for your safety.

Additionally, the struts we use are of the highest quality. They have gone through rigorous testing in order to insure their safety. They are also equipped with a safety mechanism in case of any unexpected failure of the support. With supports on each side, customers can be worry-free.

Can electric lifts be changed to manual ones?

Yes, they can.

Some customers have worries about switching to manual hydraulic lift beds from electric ones. As long as you have a carpenter that can remove the electric system and install manual struts, there is no problem with switching.

What situations can the electric storage bed be used?

1) The middle/foot area is obstructed

In the center of the bed is where it’s easiest to lift the top. However, if the center is blocked by an object or hard to get at, it will be difficult to use manual hydraulics. In this case, it would be better to choose an electric lift system. This way, opening and closing will be more convenient and simple.

2) Bunk beds with a wider base mattress

With this type of bed, the bottom mattress is larger than the top. Since there is not a lot of space between the lower and upper bunks, it is hard to manually open up a storage bed. If an electric lift system is used, storage access is as simple as pushing a button. There is no risk of injury, and you can still store large items underneath the mattress.

3) The mattress is too heavy

If the mattress is very large and thick, it may be difficult for the customer to push up manually. In this case, an electric lift system may be better, so there’s no strain on your body.

4) Those lacking in strength or the elderly

If you are worried that you will not be strong enough to lift the bed, or the person is very old or young, then an electric lift may be best. Although the hydraulic struts make it quite easy to lift, it still requires some amount of force to push up. The safest option would be doing an electric system.

Can drawers be installed on the side of a hydraulic bed?

Of course.

As long as there’s nothing in the way, 2-3 drawers can be installed on the side of the frame. These offer quick, convenient access without having to lift the whole bed.

Also, you may choose to have a lid on the drawers, so they will still be closed off when accessing the other under-bed storage.

How can I decide which direction the bed opens up?

There are two ways the bed can be lifted up, from the side and from the foot. The first opens left to right, the second opens bottom to top.

Generally speaking, the layout of the space the bed is in determines which direction it opens up. If the bed is surrounded by walls on three sides, then the only option is to open from the unblocked side. If the space is relatively open, then it will be determined by ease of access and how much space there is for movement. If the space is quite large, then we suggest opening it from the foot. This way, pillows and blankets will be less likely to fall off.

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