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Custom Wardrobes

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Custom Wardrobes

Our wardrobe design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom wardrobes. We are familiar with the needs of customers and the wardrobe types that are suitable for all countries. We can definitely create the perfect wardrobe for you.

6 Quality Guarantees

Ergonomic.Easy to Use

With minimal effort, you can easily access your entire wardrobe
Recessed pulls and diagonal tops give you easy access
Drawers are on bottom with the hanging area above
Wardrobe design directly affects the practicality. The best ergonomic design is required. For example in the following, until a height of 650mm, this space is used to place small items of clothing such as folded clothes or underwear. The height from 650mm-1850mm is the most convenient position, which is very suitable as a clothes hanging area. You can put seasonal and commonly used clothes. However, above 1850mm is more difficult to reach. It is usually used to place more infrequently worn items. 

Flexible.Suited to Your Needs

Wherever you want the drawers, hanging rod, or doors, is totally up to you!
A mixture of concealed and open portions create layers and depth
A place for hanging, a place for folded clothing, and a place for drawers

Accessories.For Better Separation

Supports a variety of accessories to upgrade your wardrobe
Baskets/Accessory Rack/Pants Rack
Pull-down Clothes Rod
Swivel Mirror
Folding Ironing Board
Motion Light
Blum Door Hinges
The importance of accessories

There are many kinds of clothes, including long coats, suits, long skirts, trousers, T- shirts, short skirts, shorts, and various accessories, such as caps, scarves, gloves, and socks. Each type needs a different storage space. The wardrobe has relatively large spaces, so adding accessories can make clothes of different sizes be stored properly.

Additionally, accessories such as LED light strips, ironing boards and full-length mirrors can make the wardrobe fully functional, and more convenient to pick out clothes. 

Stylish.Fits many different styles

Closing Door Wardrobe
Sliding Doors Wardrobe
Open Closet Design
The doors can be designed with indents and recesses, which makes it easier to creat the overall style of the space. For example, the country style or the popular luxury style can both use special doors. Moreover, the handles of the closet with doors are also a good helper to create the space. Lines can be horizontal, straight or oblique, forming an interesting geometric picture on the surface of the wardrobe; the handles are round or straight, and different textures of metal can be used. This  uniqueness to the space, makes the wardrobe more beautiful and complex. 

The sliding door design does not need the space in front of the closet for opening and closing the door. It is especially useful for small spaces. The saved space can be used for a larger bed or table to make the room more practical. At the same time, the sliding-door wardrobe enables a flexible furniture layout.

Installing appropriate lighting in the closet is not only more convenient for finding clothes, but when the light shines out from the glass door, it will scatter the light. This instantly improves the design value of the whole wardrobe. If equipped with lighting, it will also make you feel like you're living in a high-class showroom.  It is very suitable for users who pursue the quality of life, and also suitable for units with separate coatrooms.

Modern Aesthetics.A Space Upgrade

Grey has become a popular style in recent years
Glass sliding doors increase the sense of space

Real Cases.Satisfied Results

Holetto has custom-made wardrobes for hundreds of customers. Whether it is a sliding-door, closet door wardrobe,  or a separate coatroom, we have many years of experience custom making them all. So please feel free to ask our team how you can customize yours. 

100% Real Customer Reviews

"Choose custom cabinet maker Holetto to give value to your home."
The installation process is very smooth. The materials and quality are quite good, better than expected, especially the design of the wardrobe. My wife loves it!

My wife and I are very satisfied with your company’s service and follow up. Thank you for completing this  project in recent months. If we have relatives and friends who need custom cabinetry, I will not hesitate to introduce your company to them.
Mr. Chen
Emerald Bay
Thank you for your design~ During the decoration process, there are so many things to consider. Our ideas can change many times.  So I am really grateful for your company. It makes the house feel much mor comfortable!
Miss Chai
Cheung Wo Court
Installation was very fast. I am overall very satisfied!
Miss Wai

Free Maintenance.For Peace of Mind

3 month hardware and 10 year structural warranties

Our Own Factory.Punctual Delivery

By operating the factory, we can control production times and provide prompt delivery
Need the Best Wardrobes? Choose Holetto!

FAQ for Custom-Made Wardrobes

What kind of wood is used for the wardrobe?

All the furniture of Holetto, including wardrobes, are made of solid core plywood, which is sturdy and durable, moisture proof and scratch-resistant. These are qualities that are very suited to the environment of Hong Kong.

Our standard board is solid core plywood with E1 low formaldehyde. This is classified as ecological grade, which protects the health of our customers. In addition, we also provide the service of upgrading to E0 sheets. If interested, please contact customer service and sales for inquiries.

Is there a price difference for different styles of wardrobe doors?

Basically, you don’t need to add extra money to doors and sliding doors made of plywood. If you want glass doors or special door panels, including molded plastic door panels, shutter doors, or slat doors, there will be additional charges.

Wardrobe with closet doors VS wardrobe with sliding doors

Closet door wardrobe

The closet door is the most traditional cabinet door. The advantage is that it is cheap, and more airtight than sliding doors, which also provides an open design. However, since the doors are held on by hinges, they should not be too wide or too large. An area must be reserved for the door to open and close. If the room is too small, it may not be suitable.

Sliding door wardrobe

The guiding principle of the sliding door is to install the doors onto sliding rails. This solves the problem of occupying space when the door is opened or closed. At the same time, there are rail supports on the top and bottom, which can handle larger doors.Unfortunately, sliding doors are not as airtight, and the price is more expensive. Once the rail or pulley is old and the parts need to be replaced, the procedure will be more complicated.

Can I choose more than one color for the wardrobe?

Of course.

We understand that customers expect wardrobes to be practical, and also beautiful. Therefore, we will use color matching designs to increase the sense of space, according to the needs of the customers.

Can customers choose their own handles?


The handle can enhance the design of the wardrobe or even the entire space. If the customer has chosen a style of handle, you can order it by yourself and send it to our factory for processing and installation.

Things to pay attention to when ordering a wardrobe

1) Avoid hitting the air conditioner

If you can install wall cabinets or tall cabinets in your bedroom, pay attention to whether the door will hit the air conditioner. If it will hit, you can substitute the door for another style.

2) A matte wardrobe increases the sense of space

Wood grain and glossy furniture are very common custom-made styles, because light will reflect off and create a unique luster.In recent years, matte wardrobes have become more popular. They have low refraction and will not irritate the eyes. The soft surface enhances the space. The furniture that uses matte material is used in the bedroom, which will not distract the eyes, so you will be prepared for rest.

3) Hollow part of the wardrobe turns into a desk area or dressing area

Arranging the desk and dressing area between the wardrobe and the bed is the most suitable for flow and habit.Dedicating one part of the wardrobe to become the desk is the neatest and most space-saving solution. The upper part can be a bookcase, making the desk area or dressing area more complete.

What style of wardrobe is popular in recent years?

In recent years, many custom-made wardrobe styles include plain, light wood styles, luxurious styles with decorations, and modern glass-door wardrobes. The style of the wardrobe really depends on the home style.

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