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Custom Trundle Beds

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Custom Trundle Beds

Our Trundle Bed Design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom-made trundle beds, and is familiar with the layout of Hong Kong apartments and the multi-functional uses of trundle beds.  

6 Quality Guarantees

Space Saving.Uncrowded Room

The trundle bed only takes up the same amount of space as a normal bed, siblings can still have seperate beds
Can be easily pulled out when in use, saves space during the day
Still has storage space built-in
The trundle bed is easily pulled out with the high-qualty bearings. It does not take up extra space, so it is very suitable for families with multiple kids or relatives that frequently stay. Keeps your floor space free during the day. 

Quality Wheels.Stable & Smooth

With the use of high-quality hardware, pulling the bed out is very quick and easy. 
High quality wheels, high load bearing capacity
Bed underneath is fitted with 4-6 wheels for max stability

Colorblock Design.Freedom to Choose

Who ever said a home can 't be practical and beautiful? Holetto provides many color choices to select. Customers can choose the combinations that best fit their personal style. 
Multi-color options available
Wooden design is modern

Flexible Space.Meets Your Needs

The trundle bed can fit the needs of the family at different times. When it is not needed, it is hidden away underneath the main bed. This keeps everything very clean and convenient. 

This style of bed gives you an extra bed and allows siblings to sleep seperately. When relatives or friends need to stay the night, there is no problem accomodating them. 
Siblings can sleep in different beds
Friends or relatives can stay the night
Parents can be more close to their children

100% Real Customer Reviews

Choose Holetto and add value to your home!
Thank you for your great work! Good craftsmanship. 
Mr. Fung
The Met. Bliss
Smooth installation, very beautiful!
Mr. Chen
Kin Bong Building
I have ordered from Holetto before, thought the quality was good, so I recommended you to my family!
Telford Gardens

Ample Accessories.Keep Things Organized

Variety of accessories to fit all your needs
Hydraulic Lift Struts
Headboard Light Strip
Leather Handles & Pulls
Drawer Lock
Soft-close Rails
Headboard Cushion

Eco-friendly.Ultra-low Formaldehyde

E0 and E1 boards do not contain artificial glue, and are extremely low in formaldehyde. This makes them more environmentally friendly and safer for your health. You can use our custom cabinetry immediately after installation.
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Personal Service.Professional Follow-up

Each customer will be paired with a designer that will work with them throughout the whole process. They will closely pay attention to the customer's needs and design everything in a timely manner. 
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FAQ For Custom-Made Trundle Bed

What is a trundle bed?

This type of bed refers to an extra bed that can slide out from underneath another bed. In the past, this was a common practice for parents to have a bed for their child. You can think of it as a pullout bed that can be hidden during the day.

Why do you need a trundle bed?

Since the trundle bed is very space efficient, it is also flexible with the size of the bed. You could have a large main bed and a smaller, single pull-out bed. Both beds could also be the same size. This space-saving feature is very suitable for small Hong Kong apartments.

Additionally, if you ever need an extra bed for a relative staying the night, the need is temporary. The trundle bed is easily stowed away, so it’s only taking up extra space when in use. If you want to have more kids in the future, the trundle bed may be a good starting point before they move to a bunk bed or other style bed.

Does a trundle bed waste storage space?

No, it does not.

The bottom underneath the hidden bed can still have storage, like drawers. This setup does not detract from your overall storage capacity.

How's the load bearing capacity of the trundle bed?

It’s very good.

Holetto uses 18 mm thick solid-core plywood for our cabinetry. The load bearing capacity is really good. With these materials, there is not a risk for bending or deforming. Even in a humid environment like Hong Kong, it can easily last 10 years and up.

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