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Custom Bunk Beds

Custom Cabinetry - Holetto

Custom Bunk Beds

Our Bunk Bed Design

Holetto has many years of experience in customizing  bunk beds. We are familiar with the room types of Hong Kong homes and the needs of customers for beds In a limited space. We will help you create the most practical multifunctional combination bed!

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Multifunctional.Maximizes Space

Meets the needs of your children, specifically storage, rest, and study
A desk underneath is convenient for learning
A staircase can be used for storage
Holetto has customized beds for more than 300 families. Whether traditional bunk beds, a large lower bed with desk, an L-shaped bed, or a 3 person bed, we've done them all. Our combination bunk beds are custom made to order. 

We can equip your bed with a desk, wardrobe, bedside table, or extra storage. Anything to maximize your limited space!

For Children.A Safe Space

Rest easy knowing your children are safe. With rounded corners, there is less risk of injury.

Multicolor.Stimulates Creativity

The colors of the children's room not only affects the appearance, but also affects the child's thoughts and personality. If you want to stimulate your child's creativity, you can start by choosing an appropriate color and design for your child. It provides the child with a fun and lively space to grow up in.
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Stylish and Unique.Increased Aesthetic

Bunk beds are like children's playgrounds. The special designs for the combination beds can increase the value of the space and allow children to grow up in a pleasant and comfortable environment.
Unique styling makes the space interesting
A twin bed can be hidden underneath

Real Cases.Perfect Results

Holetto often customizes special bunk beds for customers, such as the "House Bed" which is very popular with parents and children. The cute design adds more fun to children's life. Contact us and let our team build a custom combination bed for you!

Custom Cabinetry - Holetto

Custom Storage Beds

100% Real Customer Reviews

"Choose Holetto and add value to your home!"
High quality bed and professional installation! Highly recommend them to you!
Miss Chen
Gold Coast
The installation is great, even helped me out extra!
Grand Austin
Every thing is great, better than I imagined. Very satisfied.
Miss Wei
Whampoa Garden

Great Accessories.Stay Neat and Tidy

Variety of accessories to fit all your needs
Custom Handles
Slide Bed
Leather Handles
Drawer Lock
Soft-close Rails
blum Door Hinges

Eco-friendly.Safe and Healthy Family

E0 and E1 grade boards are not glued with artificial glue during the manufacturing process, and the formaldehyde level is extremely low. This is more environmentally friendly and has no bad odor, which is more safe for health. After installation and a quick wipe down, you may use the bed immediately.

Safe and Sound.Children Grow Protected

Safe and stable ladder design
Stair cabinet or ladder designs available
When using this style of bed, naturally, a safe ascent and descent is a concern. 

Our designers are familiar with the local living environment and the requirements of customers . They also attach great importance to the safety of users and the convenience of use. They can design a combination bed that is both stable and easy to use in a limited space. Additionally, during installation, we will do everything to make sure the bed does not shake or jostle around. Your children will be more safe this way!
Need the Best Bunk Bed? Choose Holetto!

FAQ For Custom-Made Bunk Bed

What should I consider when ordering a bunk bed?

1. The upper bunk’s guard rail should not be too high or too short.

Generally speaking, when using a bunk bed, there is not much space on the upper bunk. In order to reduce any claustrophobic feelings, the guard rail should not be too high and should be a bit longer than the mattress. If it’s too high, users may lean on it too much, or if too low, there is a risk of falling.

Additionally, high rails will also affect the ventilation and lighting. Having the perfect size allows for the proper airflow and lighting.

2. Making use of the window sill

If the bedroom is small, you can incorporate the window sill into the desk design of the lower bunk. This makes the most use of the space at hand.

3. Study space and bedroom combined

Learning is the most important task for children, so it is more convenient for children to integrate the two spaces into one. The lower bunk space of the bed is an excellent location to put the desk.

Underneath the desk should be left as empty as possible, in order to make it easy to stand up and sit down. The storage of the desk mainly uses drawers, shelves, and suspended cabinets, so that the desktop can be kept clean and tidy. The depth depends on what will be placed there, like a computer.

Can I use the bunk bed the same day as the installation?

Yes you can.

The E0 and E1 grade solid core plywood conforms to international standards. The ultra-low formaldehyde content protects the health of users. No artificial adhesives are used in the manufacturing process, so there is no unpleasant and irritating odor after installation. Simply use a rag to wipe down the frame, and the bunk bed is ready for use!

How to decide the orientation of the combination bed?

Bunk bed designs come in many different forms. There are I-shaped bunk beds with aligned upper and lower levels. There are L-shaped beds with different orientations on the upper and lower levels. There are also asymmetrical styles, with single beds on the upper floor and double beds on the bottom.

The orientation is mainly limited to the layout of the bedroom. In general, the designer will consider the direction and position of the door opening and closing, the position of the air-conditioning, the lighting of the window, and whether the wall is restricted by beams and columns. All of this info is used to determine the placement and direction of the bunk bed.

If one of the walls has a column sticking out, then the long side will not be placed there.

The A/C unit should not be blowing directly on the bed, which could make the person sick or cause sleep issues.

You also want to avoid blocking too much of the natural light with the bed frame.

What is a bunk bed?

These types of beds usually incorporated multiple different things into one. For example, a bed on top and desk underneath, as well as guard rails and ladders.

They may also be called L-shaped beds, combination beds, etc.

What are some ways to get up and down a bunk bed?

Options generally include: fixed ladders, stairs, and movable ladders.

The vertical ladder does not take up much space, but is a poor choice for the elderly, small children, or those with bad joints.

As for movable ladders, they are best for freeing up extra space when you need it. For example, if there is a wardrobe underneath, moving the ladder allows for easy access into the wardrobe.

Stairs take up a lot of space, but are generally more safe, as you can hold the rails as you ascend. Having a staircase can also create extra storage space.

Why would someone need a bunk bed?

Bunk beds are very flexible in their design, which is great for smaller Hong Kong apartments. They can sleep up to 3 people and can offer storage options as well.

Additionally, children tend to sleep in the same room, so this is a great way to cultivate the sibling relationship while making efficient use of the space. It can double as a wardrobe, desk, or storage space.

Can you only choose a wood grain pattern for the bunk bed design?

Most of our customers who want a bunk bed will put it in the children’s room. They want something more bright and lively, so they will ask if “there are other color options for the bunk bed.” Of course there are!

We work closely with a number of suppliers that provide colored boards for customers to choose from. Designs can also be color-blocked (additional charges will be added for more than 3 colors). We are dedicated to providing the most suitable colors and design for your needs.

Who is not fit for sleeping on a bunk bed?

We strongly do not recommend children under the age of 6 or the elderly to sleep on the top bunk.

Children under 6 are prone to falling and accidents when ascending and descending. The elderly may not be strong enough to properly climb up to the top, which could result in injury.

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