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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Cabinetry - Holetto

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchen cabinet design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom kitchen cabinets. We are familiar with the layout of all kitchens and cooking needs, so that you can fully enjoy your cooking experience. 

6 Quality Guarantees

Careful Design.Fits Appliances

Put your appliances in the perfect location
Oven can fit perfectly underneath
The exhaust fan pipe can be hidden in the cabinet
The kitchen is one of the places with the most home appliances. Basic appliances include refrigerators, range hoods, kettles, microwave ovens and washing machines. Families who really love to cook will have many more. 

Unfortunately, many kitchens are not very big. If you really want space for all your appliances, you really need some custom kitchen cabinets. As long as you give our designers models and sizes of your appliances, you can rest assured that you will have enough space for all your kitchen appliances. There's nothing better than a functional, organized kitchen. 

Stylish Design.Pleasing to the Eye

The kitchen is beautifully designed, your mood will be better while cooking
Color blocking design gives a more layered feeling
Dark colors are stylish and stain resistant

Variety of Materials.Ideal Combination

We support a variety of materials for a more diverse design
Seamless Stone (engineered stone)
Stainless Steel

Fire Retardant Board
Solid-core Plywood
Metal handles
Our kitchen cabinets and countertops can be matched with different sinks, giving you more choices when designing your kitchen
Stainless Steel
Seamless Ceramic
Large Basin

Quality Hardware.Flexible Storage

Kitchen cabinets need to store a large number of items, and there are many corners inside. With high-quality hardware in the cabinets, every inch of storage space can be flexibly used. Even things in the corners or up high can be easily accessed. 
Drawers on rails have high load capacity
Corner baskets make good use of space
Pull-down spice rack
Corner basket
Pull-out table

Real Cases.Satisfied Results

Holetto often makes custom-made cabinets for many satisfied customers.  No matter what they style, we have you covered. So please feel free to ask our team how you can customize yours.

Custom Cabinetry - Holetto

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

100% Real Customer Reviews

"Choose custom cabinet maker Holetto to give value to your home."
We appreciate your excellent service!
Miss Chen
Royal Ascot
Very satisfied!
Mr. Liu
Kam Fung Court
Furniture is great and better than expected. Very satisfied!
Miss Wai
Whampoa Garden

Cabinet Layout.Freedom

Customize the most practical design based on the layout
In-line cabinets, for an open kitchen
L-shaped cabinets, for a small kitchen
U-shaped cabinets, for medium or large kitchens

Quality Assurance.10 Year Warranty

Choose the highest quality counters and most professional installation team. 10 years of peace of mind and enjoyable cooking
Cabinets will be screwed to the wall and ceiling
Boards of at least 18mm for durability
Need the Best Kitchen Cabinets? Choose Holetto!

FAQ for Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

What materials are available for custom kitchen cabinets?

The countertop stone above the kitchen cabinet can be made with engineered stone or quartz. The cabinet body and cabinet door of choose fire retardant plastic board or solid plywood. Additionally, some customers will decide to install a stainless steel backplate behind the stove, which is beautiful and easy to clean.

What's the difference between engineered stone and quartz?

1. Aesthetics
Engineered stone has better aesthetics because it is a synthetic stone, so it can create different textures and color variations. Quartz is a natural stone, so the style and texture are relatively uniform, generally dominated by some shiny spots.

In addition to the texture and style, the corner position and the connection points of the front and rear water guards are also an important part of the aesthetics. Artificial stone can be polished, so that all seams are hidden, and looks as if it was formed from one piece. However, for quartz, the stone cannot be polished, so all the gaps and seams will be visible.

2. Hardness
In terms of hardness, quartz is the hardest because it is a natural stone. There is no other synthetic material with this level of hardness. Even chopping on top of it is no problem. However, due to the high hardness of quartz stone, you typically find it in unique shapes, not square or boxy. Quartz has little chance of cracking or chipping, and its durability is higher than that of any synthetic stone.

3. Stains
Engineered stone absorbs color very easily. If you accidentally leave a tea bag or soy sauce on the countertop for one night, the color will become a stain the next day. Once stains appear, it is very hard to fix by sanding or grinding. Sanding is only really good for surface scratches. Once it becomes stained, there is virtually no way of getting it out.

4. Connectedness
Only the artificial countertop can be made as one large countertop. Quartz stone can only be selected with quartz counters or zinc counters.

5. Price
Quartz is cheaper than engineered stone. The reason is that after the quartz is connected, it does not need to be specially polished, and only needs to be glued together. On the contrary, artificial countertop requires a special polisher, which generally takes 2 hours or more to complete.

Preparing for custom kitchen cabinets

Before customizing the kitchen cabinets, you need to deal with the cement of the kitchen.

If the homeowner frequently cleans the kitchen floor, or the kitchen is likely to be flooded, the householder should consider cement countertops. You can install the water pipes and kitchen floor drains. Some householders choose not to have a cement countertop for flexibility, so that the kitchen layout can be changed in the future.

Some householders like to install special tiles behind the cooking stove, so they all need to find a mud master to do these things first.

What should I be aware of when designing kitchen cabinets?

When ordering a kitchen cabinet, be sure to measure the size of the electrical appliances to be placed under the countertop, such as washing machines and ovens, as well as the location of the sink and drain. If you use a built-in stove, you must also measure the size, because this will affect the storage space beneath the countertop. So when discussing the design of the kitchen cabinet with the designer, communicate these dimensions first.

Just pay attention to any holes, indents, or openings that may need to be made.

What brands can you choose from?

We work closely with more material suppliers, including Formica, Brilliant, Staron, Coria, Toppal, and Germantops, so as to allow customers to pick whatever they may desire.

How can kitchen hardware help with storage?

L-shaped kitchen cabinets can provide a huge storage capacity, but access to the corners is annoying. The corner hardware can help solve this problem.

A drop-down spice rack can also be installed, so that items placed in high places can be easily reached. Convenient storage helps keep the kitchen tidy.

In addition, hardware can allow for storage of a retractable dining table inside the kitchen cabinet. An extra cooking slab can be pulled out for use when eating or cooking.

Should cabinets have handles?

When accessing the kitchen cabinets, it is generally when cooking. You may be holding some kitchen utensils in one hand, and can only open the door with the other. If the kitchen cabinet door has a handle, it is easier to open and close. However, one disadvantage would be that you are prone to bump into the handles.

If the cabinets don’t have handles, you can choose the hidden cutout at the top. Even in a small space, you are not afraid of bumping into the doors, and your sense of space will be better. The disadvantage is that it may not be as quick to open as with handles.

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