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Custom Shoe Cabinets

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Custom Shoe Cabinets

Our shoe cabinet design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom-made shoe cabinets. We are familiar with the trends of international's interior styles and the needs of customers. You can rely on us to create the most practical and beautiful shoe cabinets!

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Magic Numbers.Ideal Functionality

We understand the best ways to give you the mos amount of storage without sacrificing function.
Floating design is good for slippers
鞋櫃的層架高度通常設定在15 公分左右,活動層板可依照鞋子高度調整間距,擺放時可將男女鞋分層放置
Adjustable shelves can move according to needed spacing
The size of the shoes is within 30 cm on average. Extra-large or children's shoes need to be adjusted independently. The depth of the shoe cabinet is recommended to be 35-40 cm, so that large shoes can be placed just right. If you still want to place household items, the depth must be more than 40 cm. If the depth is less than 40 cm, you may have trouble placing items.

The height of the shelves of the shoe cabinet are usually set at about 15 cm. In order to deal with the height difference between men's and women's shoes, it is recommended that the distance between both sides be accurate when designing, so that the shelves can be adjusted according to the height of the shoes. Men's and women's shoes can then be placed in layers.

The height of the shoe-changing stool is rougly about 38-40 cm, and there is no certain limit on the depth. Therefore, if you do not want to waste the space under the shoe cabinet, you can make it 40 cm deep, which is convenient for storing casual shoes when going out and increasing the storage capacity.

The shoe cabinet can be suspended by 25-30 cm, which is convenient for storing indoor slippers and keeping the space tidy.

Unique Door Panels.Beautiful Entrance

The shoe cabinet is in the entryway, so it must be beautiful.
European-style panels stand out
Slatted doors keep shoes fresh

Quality hardware • For an Ideal Life

Everyone has a shoe cabinet, but it's only good if it is functional. Adding accessories can bring the extra features you need.
Soft-close rails
Rotating organizer
Pull-out mirror
Flip-down door hinge
Special handles
Fold-down accessories

Real Cases.Brilliant Results

Easy Change Design.More Convenient

Sit down and change your shoes, no need to test your balance
A transformable shoe-changing stool help to save the entrance space
A shoe-changing stool with cushion
Holding things in one hand and changing shoes with the other is definitely a test of balance, so it is very important to have a stool at the entrance.

Try putting it in the corner of the shoe cabinet, or pull out a shoe-changing stool from inside the shoe cabinet. Both are seamlessly integrated into the design. In the future, putting on and taking off shoes every day will no longer be a hassle. Now, you can go out at ease.

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So neat and refreshing, thank you!
Mrs Cheung
Scenery Court
So glad to meet someone serious about their work.
Mr. Cheung
Metro Harbour View
The installation was great. The boards, build quality, and design are all done together. Very satisfied. Try them out!
South Horizons

Eco-friendly Wood.Low Formaldehyde

E0 and E1 grades of solid core plywood can be selected. All boards comply with international environmental protection standards, with ultra-low formaldehyde content to ensure the health of customers.
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Personal Follow-up.Down-to-Earth

All customers will have a 1- on- 1 professional designer to follow up with the design and production progress.
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FAQ for Custom-Made Shoe Cabinets

What's the best location for my shoe cabinet?

After going out, shoes accumulate a lot of bacteria and dirt. To avoid bringing these into other parts of the house, the shoe cabinet is best placed near the door. This way, you can change your shoes and put them away as soon as you enter the door. It makes your home even tidier!

Things to consider for your shoe cabinet

Although the height of the shoe cabinet can be adjusted with flexible shelves, in order to make better use of the shoe cabinet space—it is best to count the number and size of shoes of all family members before ordering a shoe cabinet. Pay attention to the height and number of shoes, such as sandals and boots. This will make a big difference. You must also think about whether the shoebox will be stored together. These things will greatly affect the layout of the shoe cabinet.
So, understanding the needs of the family for the shoe cabinet first will help our designers to design the most suitable shoe cabinet for you.

What are the advantages of a shoe cabinet with a floating design?

The suspended design makes it easy to store your slippers. You can put the slippers underneath the shoe cabinet after changing into your shoes before going out. It will not block the entrance and exit of the door, and it can also keep the house tidy.

In addition, when a guest visits, the guest’s shoes may not easily fit in the shoe cabinet, so the shoes can be temporarily stored underneath the shoe cabinet.

How to design the shoe cabinet so it's breathable?

Shoes that have been worn for a whole day will inevitably have some odor. Therefore, you may wish to design the door panel of the shoe cabinet with louvers, holes or slats. These allow the shoes to air out, but also improve the style. Laminate can chosen as a smooth surface, so cleaning will be more convenient.

Finally, motion lights can be added in the cabinet or under the cabinet, so the lights can be automatically turned on after opening the door, making it easier to find shoes.

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