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Transforming Furnitures

Our Transforming Furniture Design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom-made transforming furnitures. We are familiar with the details of production and installation of murphy beds. This allows you to make use of small spaces to create a practical home environment.

We have designed and built more than 20 examples of transforming furniture that may surprise you. Sofas, wardrobes, bookcases, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, etc. can all be made for you so you can maximize space.
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6 Types of Transforming Furniture

Murphy bed varitions page

Wall Bed With Sofa.Living room & Bedroom

A comfy bed is ready for whenever guests arrive
Easy one person setup
Just pull it down for a hidden bed
The home space is not large. If you want to place furniture such as beds, sofas, cabinets, etc. in a small space, the whole house may become extremely crowded, and there may not even be even space for activities. Therefore, the murphy bed is a thoughtful invention. It uses foldability. It can be unfolded into a bed at night, and can be folded into a sofa when not sleeping. It can take into account different needs while saving space.

The traditional sofa bed flattens the backrest of the sofa to become a flat surface for sleeping. The  murphy bed is to completely separate the sofa seat and the bed board. Users can buy a suitable mattress and put it on the transforming sofa bed. There is no need to worry that the sofa cushions are a bad sleeping surface.

Wall Bed With Desk •  Study and Rest 

Both a bed and a desk in one, with easy switching between the two
The biggest advantage of the desk bed combo is that when the bed is flipped down, the table top will remain horizontal, so you can use the bed without clearing the things on the desk. This is not only convenient for daily use, but also for computers or hard-to-move things. There is no need to worry about the things that are placed on the transforming furniture.

In the past, folding beds were only folded before going to bed. There was nothing but a bed frame, and there was no space to put your belongings. Now the design of the murphy bed has evolved a lot. The shelf on the side of the bed can not only hold personal items such as a mobile phone, but also can hold some small decorations. This can give your space more character.  Pursue quality of life.

Telescoping Table.No Dining Compromises

The telescoping table can be compressed or expanded at any time, taking up very little space
A table hidden within the platform
While sitting, feet can be placed underneath the table
Very compact form when compressed
Larger designs can seat 6-8 people
Sometimes I want to invite friends home for a party, but I worry that there is not enough places to sit and the dining table is not big enough.

In fact, as long as a lifting table is installed in the  floor, or a telescoping table is installed in the  cabinet, the above problems can be solved easily. After the lifting table is put away, it fits flush with the platform, providing a spacious ground area, and there is no problem with hosting more friends. The telescopic table can also be completely stored in the cabinet, which will not occupy the space and corridors of the living room activities, saving space.

Wall Bed With Bookshelf.Practical & Simple

The bookshelf can still store your regular books and can transform into a bed

Custom Cabinetry - Holetto

Custom Platform Beds

Transforming Bund Beds.Stealthy & Clean

Transforming beds are not limited to only one bed, bunk beds are also available
Folds up into a cabinet
Can use the upper or lower bed independently
Easily sleeps two people when using both

Revolving Bookshelf Bed.Spin = Space

It's like turning a machine, but there is a bed hidden inside
On the ouside is a lovely bookshelf, but with a 180 degree turn, a bed emerges
A reinforced mechanism makes it more stable
If you want  double functionality in a limited space, you need to use a revolving bookshelf bed. What you see on the surface is a bookcase. After a 180-degree rotation, it becomes a transforming murphy bed. It is easy to switch modes, and the study can be turned into a bedroom almost instantly.

The design of the hydraulic support does not require a lot of effort, and it  will not strain your muscles. A woman will have no problem completing the transformation process. 

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Satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship!
Miss Yuan
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Thanks a lot, very clean and sharp!
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Many Accessories.Keep Things Neat & Tidy

A variety of accessories to upgrad your transforming furniture
Folding Dining Table Hardware
Quiet Rail Sys
Electric Platform Lift
Electric Lifting Mechanism
Hydraulic Support Strut
Automatic Flip-over Foot
Want the Best Transforming Furnitures? Choose Holetto!

FAQ for Custom-Made Transforming Furnitures

What is transforming furniture?

Beds and dining tables are part-time use items. Beds only need to be used at night when you are resting. Dining tables are used for an even shorter period of time, maybe only three hours a day.

If you fold up the furniture that you don’t need to use, it can make the space more practical. Therefore, Transforming furniture is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong.

The Murphy bed is like an ordinary cabinet before transforming. After transforming, a double bed can be flipped down. There is storage space on the top of the cabinet where it is convenient to store pillows and quilts.

When a telescoping dining table is not extended, it looks like a low cabinet. The cabinet can store water bottles, cups and other items. After extending, there is a dining table that can seat 3-4 people. There is no need to clear the items off of the cabinet.

Where can transforming furniture be used?

The advantage of the transformable bed is to make using small spaces more flexible, also to use the same space to combine several pieces of furniture with different functions. This includes beds, bookshelves, desks, bookcases, and sofas.

With Hong Kong’s small unit size and population density, the living room, guest room, study, master bedroom can be combined into the same spaces. Among them, the most common convertible beds are the convertible sofa bed and the convertible bed in the living room. Many families do not have a place reserved as a guest room, but occasionally there are guests who want to stay overnight. The transforming bed in the living room allows guests to comfortably stay overnight. No more cramming on the couch or sleeping on the floor.

In addition, transformable beds are also commonly used in children’s rooms. In order to take into account the needs of children to rest and study, both the bed and the desk are necessary furniture for growing up. Our bed desk combo can meet both needs at one time.

Is transforming furniture safe?

Absolutely safe.

All our transforming furniture uses high-quality hardware specially designed for these custom pieces. After rigorous and repeated testing, the hardware accessories will not be damaged even after tens of thousands of uses, so that the furniture will have a longer lifespan.

Moreover, it can be equipped with hardware such as a hydraulic gas arm and soft closing telescopic rail, so there is no need to worry about pinching your fingers.

Does transforming furniture have after-sale service?

All of our custom cabinetry and furniture, including deformed transforming types, have free three-month hardware maintenance. If there are any problems with the hardware accessories during the maintenance period, Holetto will arrange for a free replacement.

Should I order transforming furniture specifically?

The living area in Hong Kong is generally small, so the design of the home should make efficient use of the space. Whether it is a single bed or a double bed, it will occupy a lot of floor space, so in recent years, transforming beds have become more and more popular. During the day, the bed is folded up to free up more space for activities, and the bed pulled down at night to rest.

In terms of comfort, the transforming bed it falls a bit short of a normal bed that you can sleep on at any time, but in terms of space utilization, it is very successful.Therefore, the transformable bed or invisible bed is not a matter of whether it is useful or not, but whether you need it or not. If your home has a small space, you need a place to sleep. You can design one to put in the living room. Murphy beds are convenient for your daily sleep, and it is also good to avoid long-term sleeping on a traditional sofa bed.

What are the advantages of transforming furniture?

The deformed bed is like a thin cabinet when folded up. You may not even notice that it is a bed unless you pull it down. Storage cabinets can be added above and on the left and right sides of the transforming bed to increase the storage capacity. Solid door cabinets, glass decorative cabinets and open shelves can be used as storage of the transforming bed.

In addition to the storage and bed, it also can have multiple other functions, including a folding table and a bookshelf. After the bed is put away, the space will immediately become an office, study, or even a spot for afternoon tea. The shelf will remain level no matter what position it’s in, great for not having to clear things off.

The telescoping table and the lifting table take up no space at all when they are in storage mode. You will not notice they exist, maintaining a spacious sense of space.

Is transforming furniture hard to convert?

No, in fact very easy.

Our designers will calculate the weight of the furniture according to the size of the furniture. They will select the appropriate supports and hydraulics from the factory. It is both safe and ergonomic. Therefore, when the customer switches the deformed furniture, it is not a hassle. Even women can complete the operation by themselves.

What should I consider when choosing transforming furniture?

If you want to order a transforming bed, the bed frame must be nailed to the wall to be stable. Generally, it needs a brick wall to be strong enough. If it is a wooden wall, it is not strong enough for this furniture. Customers should also pay attention when ordering, the structure of the wall also determines the position of the bed.

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