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Custom TV Stands

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Custom TV Stands

Our TV Stand Design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom TV stands. We are familiar with the layout of the living room and the multi-functional uses of TV stands. We will definitely help you create the most practical and beautiful TV stand!

6 Quality Guarantees

Dedicated to Audiovisual.Neat and Tidy

Tailor-made exclusive locations for every piece of your precious audiovisual equipment
Floating design is good for placing objects underneath, like slippers
LED lights make the space looks bright and elegant
If you want to properly store the audiovisual and related peripheral accessories, the depth of the TV cabinet should  be 50 cm. This way you can have exclusive spots for all audio and video equipment under the TV.

If you want to place speakers, you can also tell the designer the size, so that we can reserve enough space to place large or small speakers.

Best Storage.Living Necessities

Keep your home neat and tidy, the most functional design for small spaces
Open shelving for daily necessities or decorations
Large storage capacity of cabinets to hide your possessions

Many Combinations.Customization

Tall TV cabinets for more storage space, or a simple Nordic-style, Holetto can customize it for you!
Tall cabinet with large storage
Nordic style TV Stand
Floor cabinet with wall shelf
Combine with glass cabinets or racks
Asymmetrical style
Divider cabinet/Double-sided

Real Cases.Perfect Outcomes

Many Accessories.Stay Organized

Variety of accessories to upgrade your TV cabinet
TV mounting bracket
Metal handles
LED light strip
Soft-close rails
blum door hinges

100% Real Customer Reviews

"Choose Holetto to add value to your home"
Thank you very much. The quality is very high. The designers are all very good!
Mr. Kwok
Harbour Place
Almost finished, very satisfied. Thank you!
Mr. Fan
LOHAS Park Phase 6
Everything has been installed properly. Great designers and team. Prompt delivery. Friendly and great installation. 
Mr. Chen

Personal Follow-up.Peace of Mind

Every customer of Holetto will be assigned a designer, who will follow up the whole process one-on-one. They will listen carefully to the design needs of customers, and provide professional design advice in a timely manner.

Feature Wall.Texture Level Up

Wood slat design for a Japanese feel
Slate backdrop for a luxurious feel
If you want to create a different atmospheric effect for the space, you can make good use of the wall with a typical layout. This can not only set the tone for the overall style, but also create a vivid, eye-catching effect.

The TV backdrop is one of the most important walls in the living room. It is also the place that everyone will see. Therefore, combining the TV cabinet with the unique wall to create a beautiful style is also a favorite choice for many customers.

Wooden slats and slate backdrops have been a popular choice in the recent years. 

In-house Production.Prompt Delivery

Holetto provides one-stop TV stand customization service. Our own team handles the quotation, design, production and installation to ensure on-time delivery.
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Want the best custom TV stand? Choose Holetto!
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FAQ for Custom-Made TV Stands

What are the TV stand styles?

TV cabinets are mainly divided into two types – floor stands and tall cabinets (hollow cabinets).

Customers can choose which style of TV stand according to the width of the TV wall. If the wall is wider, the ceiling is high, and you need storage space, it is recommended to order a tall TV stand. If the wall is narrow, it is recommended to order a floor TV stand. Avoid constricting your limited space.

When choosing a floor TV stand, you may think the wall is too plain or boring. A wall shelf can also be mounted above to create a better sense of space.

Things to consider when ordering a TV stand

The focus of the TV stand is of course the TV! When designing a TV stand, you can’t just think about storing things. Electrical appliances are the annoying to organize are the wires, especially for those that have a lot of audiovisual inputs and outputs. The depth of the TV cabinet must be more than 30 cm, so it can fit larger devices. This also reserves space for wires and heat dissipation at the rear. At the same time, it is beautiful and practical.

When ordering a TV stand, make sure to give the size of the TV and the number and size of audiovisual equipment to our designer in advance. This, will help the designer to more effectively arrange the position of the wires and equipment during the design phase.

Can the TV stand have Nordic style feet or have a floating design?


Our custom-made TV stands can be customized with different styles of legs. Customers can provide the designer with the style of legs they like, and the designer will try their best fit customer’s idea in the design of the home stand.

In addition, in recent years, many customers have liked the TV stand with a floating design. Objects can be placed underneath, and can add light strips to provide an atmospheric light source. We have designed and installed floating TV stands for many customers. There is no problem as long as there is a brick wall that it can be screwed to.

What are the benefits of choosing hidden storage for TV stands?

The open shelf design will make the space cluttered and reduce the sense of space when it is full of things.

Using the cabinet door for concealment not only can cover up the clutter, but make the space feel more tidy. It can visually maintain a sense of neatness and the sense of space will be better.

Using the door to cover the places other than the TV, when watching TV, your eyes will not be distracted. Your focus can be fully on the screen.

TV Stand Measurements

1) The distance between the sofa and the TV should be between 1.5 to 2.5 meters

Generally, 32 to 40-inch TVs should maintain an optimal viewing distance of about 1.5 to 2.5 meters from the sofa. If your TV is a 46 -inch or 50 -inch TV, then the distance between the TV and the sofa should increase to about 3 to 4 meters. This way is best for your eyes.

2) The TV should be 80 cm off the ground

The height at which the TV is hung or placed will directly affect how comfortable it is to watch TV. We usually sit when watching TV, so the height of watching TV depends on the height of the sofa and of the person. The height should be about 1.1 to 1.2 meters. From this height, the center point of the TV can be properly aligned with the viewer. Therefore, the height of the center point of the TV about 80 cm above the ground is the most suitable.

3) The depth of the TV stand is 45 cm, which take into account both storage and display

The size and width of the TV cabinet is about 2/3 longer than that of the TV. This provides the best viewing experience. If the TV stand has both storage and display space together, the depth is generally about 45-50 cm.

4) The audiovisual cabinet is 20 cm high and 60 cm wide to fit most devices

Although there are various audiovisual devices and brands on the market, the sizes are not much different. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much when planning the audiovisual cabinet. The height of each shelf is about 20 cm and the width is about 60 cm. The 50 cm depth is enough space for plugs and wires to be installed.

Which TV stand styles are most popular?

Light wood and white tones are the most popular styles of TV stands. Because the housing space in Hong Kong is not large, and the TV stand is a relatively large piece of furniture. The light colors help to make the space feel more open, much better than dark colors.

In addition, many people’s living room walls are mainly white and beige. Light-colored panels can create a visual extension, and can also add decoration to the living room, making it refreshing and spacious feeling.

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