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Custom Showcase

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Custom Showcase

Our Showcase Design

Holetto has many years of experience with custom-made showcases, and is familiar with the layout of Hong Kong apartments and the multi-functional uses of showcases. We will definitely help you create the most practical and beautiful showcase!

6 Quality Guarantees

Various Glass Options.Many Styles

Black glass, clear glass, frosted glass, grey glass, brown glass, and Changhong glass are all available!
Many different options to choose from
Different glass matches different styles

Custom Style.Every Item has its Place

You can customize the size and style of your showcase, which may include LED lights to highlight your items
Open-style cabinets for daily items or decorations
Add LED light strips to add to the atmosphere

Unique Panels.Pairs with Your Needs

Different homes have different styles, so you can match the door panels to fit your individual style
Full-glass Door
Aluminum-framed Glass Door
Aluminum-framed Flip-up Door
Open-style Cabinet
Various Shelves
Built-in Table Storage

Real Cases.Perfect Results

Increase Quality of Life

Living room,dining room, bedroom, different corners of the home need a little decoration to increase the quality of life
Corner space is good for cups
Combination of storage and decoration

100% Real Customer Reviews

"Choose Holetto and add value to your home!"
Near finished, very satisfied, thank you!
Mr. Fan
LOHAS Park Phase 6
Thank you again for all your help. They are very professional and friendly. Was also given some decoration pointers. I hope friends and family can also have this great experience!
Luen Wai Apartment
Your service is great! Just recommended to my colleagues today.
Mr. Yang
Tin Chung Court

Quality Hardware.Strong and Durable

We want to provide customers with the most refined, high-quality hardware possible
Wine Glass Rack
Accessory Organizer
LED Light Strip
Wine Rack
blum Door Hinges

Professional Logistics,Safe Delivery

A showcase typically contains a lot of glass components. Holetto is an expert in custom cabinetry and has a professional logistics team to ensure your product arrives in one piece. 
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Need The Best Showcase? Choose Holetto!
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FAQ For Custome-Made Showcase

What are the benefits of a custom showcase?

I believe that everyone has a beautiful collection, or some souvenirs bought during travel. Instead of hiding them from sight, use a cabinet to display them all. It can not only add texture to the home, but also let these collections be a part of your everyday life.

What options are available for a custom showcase?

Styles include floor cabinets, suspended cabinets, glass doors, or fully open shelves.

Additionally, you may choose to allocate one small section for jewelry or other items. For example, tacking on an extra area next to your TV for display. It doesn’t take up much space, but still lets you display the beautiful items.

Can the shelving inside be adjustable?

Yes, of course.

When ordering, please just indicate to our designer that you want movable shelves. Preparations will be made for you to receive flexible, adjustable laminate shelves.

Can the showcase hold wine bottles?


We can design a wine rack that is safe and beautiful. It will fit perfectly with this piece of custom cabinetry.

Where is the best place to put a showcase?

Really, any space is suitable for a custom showcase.

In the living room, you can store things from travel, children’s artwork, trophies, or unique tableware.

In the bathroom, small potted plants, bath towels, and aromatic items work best.

In the bedroom, photos, perfumes, handbags, etc. are a great fit.

What type of family is not best suited for a showcase?

The showcase will use a lot of glass in the design, so if you have small children or pets, you may want to be careful. Kids running into the glass may cause the glass to break, which is not very safe. Please consider this point carefully before ordering!

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