Holetto FAQ

Holetto creates every piece of custom-made furniture with heart. Our hope is that customers are able to understand every detail about their furniture. Below are some questions and answers regarding our whole furniture making process. They can help to answer some questions you may have when considering a piece of high-quality furniture or cabinetry. If this section does not cover the question you may have, please feel free to contact us!

What is the process of ordering custom-made furniture?

1. Initial Quotation
Customers can first use either phone, WhatsApp, or come to our physical location and provide us with the information of the space and furniture that needs to be customized. Images will help greatly, along with style and size requirements. If the customer is unsure of the type of Holetto furniture they require, they can simply give us the floor plan via WhatsApp, and we will provide advice on all the necessary requirements. Do not let a simple informational problem stand in the way of an amazing piece of custom-made cabinetry. Once we have received all the necessary info, we will provide a preliminary quotation. If the customer believes it to be reasonable, we can continue to the next step.

2. Measurement
Holetto will arrange for a professional craftsman to come to your house. There they will determine the positioning, take notes about the environment, and meticulously measure each and every size. They will provide the homeowner with advice on the best way to customize and implement this piece of furniture.

3. Official Quotation and Design
After the designer receives all of the sizing details from the craftsman, they will make a 3D detailed model of the furniture. We will communicate with the customer about design details through WhatsApp or in-store communication.

During this process, we will suggest suitable panels and colors. There are over 500 different styles to choose from. Customers will also get to see samples of various materials. After confirming the design, we will provide a final quotation.

4. Confirm Design and Arrange Production
After the customer confirms the final design, and pays a 50% deposit, we can begin work on the custom-made furniture.

5. Delivery and Installation
The production time ranges between 4-6 weeks (from the order date). After production is completed, we will arrange a time with the customer to deliver and install. The customer will be required to pay the outstanding amount before the delivery time. On the day of delivery, furniture will be appropriately installed and setup. It may take multiple days depending on the size and amount of furniture.

For the installation time, please refer to the “How long does installation take?” section.

What kind of boards are used in your furniture?

Holetto mainly uses E1 solid-core plywood. This kind of board has been a popular eco-friendly choice in recent years. E1 boards are rated as ultra-low formaldehyde, while E0 boards contain zero formaldehyde.

For traditional furniture made with plywood, use of volatile glues and adhesives causes the formaldehyde content to be high. When that type of furniture is installed, you will have a very unpleasant smell in your house. The paint used contains a lot of solvents, so it’s impossible to achieve zero formaldehyde. E1 multi-layer solid core plywood is a safe to use, ecological board. Once they leave the factory, the veneer and wooden board are pieces of the same whole. They do not require any glue to bond, so formaldehyde content is extremely, which helps to provide customers with the healthiest product possible.

Another advantage of this style of board is the continuity it provides. The color outside perfectly matches the interior. With traditional furniture, the inside must be made a matte white, in which they will add an extra 10-20% surcharge.

It’s worth noting that ecological boards, or E1 boards, are divided into different types according to the core material. The best is multi-layer solid core plywood, followed by high density fiberboard, then particleboard. Holetto chooses the best,  multi-layer sold core plywood, which of course also makes the cost more expensive. For high-density fiberboard, it is the cheapest and most commonly used E1 board. It is relatively weak and easily bends/deforms. It also will expand very easily when exposed to water. The worst performer is the particleboard. It has a wide range of disadvantages, even worse than the other choices, and is the most commonly used board in IKEA furniture. However, because of its cheap price, it still finds its place in the market.

So, when choosing custom-made cabinetry or furniture, you must pay attention to the type of board used.

Why should I choose Holetto?

With Holetto, you can rest assured knowing that a professional team of designers and craftsman are there to serve you. This helps to give you the best product possible and reduce the chance of mistakes.

Moreover, we have established our factory in the mainland. Order placement and production are smoother and delivery times are very accurate. We also have our own logistics team. We ensure that all custom-made furniture is delivered on time to the customer. Installation is a breeze with over 30 years of experience.

Does the measurement step require payment?

Our company will charge customers a deposit of $500 for the measurement. This $500 will be deducted from the total amount when the customer places the order, so in other words, the price is included*. We usually provide a preliminary quotation in advance, and then work with the customer until they think the price is suitable. Then we will arrange for the craftsman to come to the house to measure.

* If no order is placed after measurement is completed, the deposit will not be refunded!

When will I receive the detailed design plans after measurement?

Under normal circumstances, the designer will provide customers with detailed design and quotation according to the actual measurements within one week after the measurement.

Any changes to the drawings can be directly discussed with the designer.

When should the deposit and remaining balance be paid?

In addition to the $500 deposit for the measurement, we will charge 50% of the total amount as the production deposit after the customer confirms all the design details, and then arrange the production of furniture. Note that when the customer confirms the drawings and places a deposit, it will enter the production process. Once we get to this point, the customer cannot alter the design details, otherwise there may be extra costs and the production time will be extended.

After production is completed, we will contact the customer and arrange a time for delivery and installation. The customer is required to pay the remaining 50% balance before noon on the day of the delivery.

Payment methods

We accept cash, check, bank transfer, PayMe, online credit card payment, Visa/Mastercard, Octopus, Alipay, UnionPay, and WeChat pay.

Please note that some payment methods may incur additional fees for processing.

Payment MethodsHandling Fees
Bank Transfer & Check/
Alipay and Wwchat Pay+1.22%
PayMe/Octopus Card+1.5%
Online Credit Card+3.52%

Delivery scheduling

We will arrange for the delivery company to deliver the custom-made furniture to your home before the agreed installation date. The general delivery time is between 12:00 – 19:00. The customer needs to reserve a time in order to properly receive the furniture.

If the guest’s residence requires the need to go up and down stairs, needs to carry a long distance downstairs, or has any other situations that may need extra manpower, our company will charge an additional fee.

Additionally, if the customer can not receive the delivery the day before the installation due to work or other circumstances, they can choose to receive a few days to a week in advance. The same payment rules apply here. They will just have to pay the remaining balance the day before or on the day of delivery before noon.

How long does installation take?

In general, if the furniture of a room is a double bed, wardrobe, and desk, then it takes only one day to install. Our normal times for installation are between 10:00 – 18:00.

No. of FurnitureInstallation Time
1 Bedroom1 Day
2 Bedrooms2 Days
3 Bedrooms3 Days
1 Bedroom + 1 Living Room2 Days
2 Bedrooms + 1 Living Room3 Days
3 Bedrooms + 1 Living Room4 Days
Kitchen Cabinet/Bathroom Vanity1 Day

Furthermore, if the number of furniture is a lot, it will take extra time to deliver/install the goods. Therefore, it may take an extra day to install. If there are any time constraints or if the customer is in a hurry, please contact our team in advance. We always try to do the most detailed, meticulous job possible, so we need to ensure there’s enough time to properly complete the installation process. 

All of our custom-made furniture includes a sealing service, so it will require more time. We hope the customers can understand our attention to detail and excellence!

After-sales service

We provide a 10-year structural safety warranty and a 3-month hardware warranty for all of our custom-made furniture and cabinetry. If you notice any problems, feel free to contact us, and we will arrange for the fixes to take place.

After the warranty has expired, the customer may still contact us to arrange maintenance. This obviously takes time, so we will have to arrange accordingly. The wait time may be longer, so we hope the customer can understand.

My renovations are not finished, but the furniture is already ready... What to do?

Many customers will ask to have the furniture installed during their renovation period. If there are any delays or problems with scheduling, please contact our team. We can work to delay the delivery, which will not result in any additional charges.

Once the furniture can be received, please notify us 1 or 2 days in advance so we can get it shipped.

I have an urgent order request, what's the minimum amount of time it will take?

The general production time of our custom-made furniture is 4-6 weeks (calculated from the day the order is placed), but since we have our own factory, we can expedite the process for special cases. The fastest time can be 3-4 weeks. However, this may limit the available finish colors for customers, because only the existing boards and materials in the factory can be selected.  Also, the transportation time will be affected by the worldwide logistic situation.

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