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This time we have customized a British-style room for our guests. This time we did not order a large hydraulic bed for the customer because the customer was afraid that the hydraulic bed would be too powerful and difficult for a girl to use, so the customer made it an ordinary storage platform. We made a headboard for the bedside of the platform instead of a soft bedside cover to facilitate daily cleaning. The height of the platform is made into a 400 mm high platform, which is of moderate height and allows one to step onto the bed in one step. We made the height of the headboard 900mm. After deducting the thickness of the mattress, the head just can’t touch the wall.


We made a bedside table on the side of the bed. There are two cabinets on the bedside table, one of which is locked, making it convenient to store heavy documents. The height of the bedside table is the same as the height of the platform where the mattress is placed. In a typical public housing unit, there is a window on the back of the bedside table, but because the guests do not need this window, we sealed the window with a back board. The top cabinet of the bedside table is just the right height so that it won’t be hit directly by children.

As for the wardrobe, we made a wardrobe with upper and lower doors. Wardrobes with sliding doors are more durable than wardrobes with sliding doors.


In the same way, the matching of colors determines the style of a room. If you also want to create a British-style room, you can try this color matching style.


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Raised Platform

Storage Bed

Bedside Table


Bedroom Cupboard

Platform Bed

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Bedside Cabinet


Bedroom Cabinet





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