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The furniture we customized for our guests this time is the whole room platform + L-shaped upper and lower lattice bed + stair cabinet + bed side wall cabinet + electric lift table + wardrobe. The guest almost filled the whole room with cabinets. This L-shaped bunk bed is composed of a 3-foot bed on the upper shelf and a 4-foot bed on the lower shelf and a wardrobe. The 4-foot bed in the lower compartment is relatively large, so we made a large hydraulic bed board, which can lift the mattress into sheets to store clothes. The design of a hydraulic bed with a large lower compartment is relatively rare among IKEA or affordable finished beds. The finished L-shaped upper and lower lattice beds are usually ordinary top-opening door panels. But when there is no space at the end of the bed, it is difficult to remove the mattress at the bottom and open the bed board behind it. Therefore, only by using a large hydraulic bed and opening the entire board from the outside will it be more convenient to store items.


In addition, we made a bedside hanging cabinet with a sliding door on the bed side of the upper bed to avoid hitting the head due to forgetting to close the door.


In addition to the L-shaped bed, we covered the rest of the room with floors to create a lot of storage space.


At the same time, we also made a lifting table on the entrance to the floor, which can be raised when needed, so that children can read and write in the room without being affected by the noise in the living room. The current position of the lift platform has actually been carefully designed. It is designed to allow three children to sit with their backs against the wall and use the anti-fall table without the need for additional tatami chairs.


The color scheme of this design is more traditional, but we actually have many other wood grain colors to choose from. If you also want to customize an L-shaped bed or a lifting table with a floor in the room, you are welcome to contact our designers Let’s talk~~~



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