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Color is the key to good-looking furniture. This time the customer chose a color with a strong forest flavor. We customized an entire extra-large platform bed for the guest’s master room. The platform bed used up the space in the room, and we didn’t miss even the window sill and made a top-mounted bedside cabinet. The height of the platform bed is 400 mm, which is just enough for one to one large suitcase. Steps are added to the platform bed to make it easier to get up and down. We use glue to close all the openings between the floor and the wall, leaving no gaps and no need to worry about dust getting in. All the platform beds have top-opening door panels, which can be opened up to 90 degrees, making it easy to enlarge large objects directly. All hinges adopt hydraulic buffer door hinges to prevent hand pinching and ensure the safety of children. The floor boards are all made of E1 solid wood core plywood, which is extremely low in formaldehyde.

For the bedside, we made a leaning bedside table to facilitate the owner’s reading needs. There is an open storage shelf on the top of the bedside table, which is convenient for charging mobile phones.

We also made a large wardrobe for the owner. Although there are beams and arrays on the back and right sides of the wardrobe, because it is custom-made, we can effectively use the space in front of the beams/arrays. The wardrobe is upright to the top, using up the height of the roof. The light-colored wardrobe doors collide with the wood-grain cabinets, perfectly highlighting the simple Nordic style.

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