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Is there too much clutter in the house and no space to put it? Our design can help you. This time we customized a whole room platform for the guest’s room, which greatly increased the storage space in the room. The height of the platform bed is set at 400mm, which is just enough for a 30-inch suitcase to be placed flat, and even a large plastic box from Japantown can be easily put down. The floor of the whole house allows the owner to place mattresses of different sizes. Even if there are more people in the house in the future, he only needs to buy a larger mattress and place it on the floor instead of buying a new bed. The platform bed is all made with top-opening door panels, which can be opened to 90 degrees, and large items can be easily put down.


After carrying the mattress, the floor transforms into a play space. Let the children climb and jump and have fun. The platform bed is protected by soft pads around it to prevent children from bumping into it. We also specially provide guests with an extra bedside bag so that they can replace it with a new one after 5-6 years.


The platform bed uses light-colored wood grain to make the space of the room become wider and wider. The use of silent sliding doors in the wardrobe eliminates the need to reserve space for opening the door, greatly increasing the practicality of the room space. The wardrobe is equipped with hanging passages and shelves. When you need to use the hanging passages, the shelves can be taken away. When you need to use the shelf, you can adjust the height up and down without paying attention to the hanging. Make your wardrobe flexible and flexible. We also provide guests with a locked cabinet in the wardrobe, which can be used to store important documents or jewelry.


If you also want to make efficient use of the space in your room, please contact our designers.

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