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This time we ordered a whole house of furniture for our guests. The customer chose bright yellow, which is full of wood color and is much more durable than pure white or other light colors. So the customer is definitely a smart user. We made a modular bed and stairwell for the guest room. The upper floor has a relatively tall hoarding to prevent children from falling. In addition, there are no see-through holes in the hoarding to prevent children from getting their hands or heads stuck in the holes. It can be seen from this that the owner is a very cautious user. In fact, after a 6-foot-long bed was built in the room, there was basically no space left. However, for safety reasons, the owner still wanted to build a stair cabinet for children to get on and off, so we also built a stair cabinet at the end of the bed. Each step of the stairs has a drawer that can be pulled out for storage, using up every inch of space. We also made a 3-foot bed under the bed, and a thin storage cabinet at the head of the bed to make good use of the remaining space after placing the bed. I made a desk on the side of the bed. The hanging leg design of the desk allows the cabinet bucket under the desk to be easily pulled out. Of course, there is a bookshelf on the top of the bookcase, which can be used to store books. There is a cabinet bucket of appropriate height under the bookcase. The design is not bumpy and can also be used to store documents or stationery.


For the master room, we made a 3-foot single bed and a headboard with beige soft upholstery. In addition to matching the color of the guest’s furniture, the beige upholstery also has Anti-fouling and wear-resistant properties. We also made cabinets and barrels on the side of the bed, and a desk with stilts next to it. Since the width of the desk is relatively large, we divided it in the middle and made a cabinet and barrel on the left and right sides. This way it is better in terms of strength and use. Because of the desk, the wardrobe next to it must use sliding doors. The upper and lower cabinets of our wardrobe all use sliding doors. In addition to avoiding the desk, it can also prevent you from hitting your head if you forget to close it after opening it. The last room is almost the same as the master room. It also has a bed, desk and wardrobe.


In the living room, we made a TV cabinet and an aluminum-framed glass ornament cabinet on the right side of the TV cabinet, with a glass movable shelf in the middle. Aluminum framed glass doors are more durable and safer than frameless glass doors. We added a pair of sliding doors that can be opened and closed in the place where the TV set-top box is placed. In addition to avoiding dust on the set-top box, we can also make good use of the floor space in front of the TV cabinet, because after using the sliding door, it can be placed in front Don’t worry if you lose something and the door won’t open. We made a altar cabinet on the left side of the TV cabinet. The altar cabinet uses red fire-proof plastic board. This is a kind of rubber plate specially designed for altars. It has anti-scratch and fireproof properties. We added a red lamp on the top of the altar cabinet for the altar.


In addition to the TV cabinet, we also made a C-shaped cabinet in the living room. The table height and hollow height of the C-shaped cabinet have been ergonomically considered. The height is moderate and suitable for the height of ordinary Hong Kong people. This C-shaped cabinet is mainly white, which effectively broadens the sense of space in the living room. The C-shaped cabinet is also equipped with an aluminum-framed glass door to facilitate guests to display their favorite accessories.


If you also want to customize the whole house furniture, you are welcome to talk to our designers~!

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