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In recent years, new buildings have become thinner and thinner. To make full use of the space in the room, transformable furniture has become an indispensable piece of furniture for every family. This deformed bed is a custom-made style, which means that the size of the surrounding furniture is customized according to the size of the room. So the colors can match other furniture. There are many invisible beds on the market now that are not custom-made. After the bed is installed, there will be many gaps around it, which is easy for dust to enter. The advantage of customization is that it can be closed/embedded into the wall to ensure that all the gaps around it are sealed.


The design of our transformable bed that flips sideways widens the hallway space in the room after it is flipped up, allowing children to play. At night, you can turn it down for the worker sister to sleep. A wardrobe is built above the invisible bed, providing enough clothing storage space for the worker sister. Our side-turning invisible beds all use a frame with a wooden keel-like design, which greatly improves the foot support capacity of the invisible bed. It won’t be a problem for ten or eight years of use.

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