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There is a reason behind every design. This room is only 6 feet long, so after placing the bed, there is basically no room for a TV cabinet or a desk. But this time our designers were creative and added a desk at the end of the bed for the guests. You may ask, if a desk is built at the end of the bed, how to open the platform bed? The method is to make the desk panel removable. In this way, as long as the desk is cleared, the floor can be opened. It is indeed a bit troublesome, but having a desk is better than not having one at all, right?


The platform bed board is as always, and the main part is equipped with hydraulic buffer door hinges, which can be closed slowly when closed to prevent hand pinching. All boards are E1 solid wood core plywood.


If you also want to customize a platform bed with a desk, contact us right away~!



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