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A successful modular bed must of course include a bed, wardrobe and desk. This time we tried something new and made a folding table on the side of the wardrobe of the lower bed. It can save space when folded up and can be opened when needed. The wardrobe of the lower bed is placed at the head of the bed, and the sliding door is used to open the door to avoid bumping the head. The modular bed in the picture is actually an L-shaped bed with a top of 3 feet and a bottom of 4 feet. We made three large cabinets and buckets on the sides of the 4-foot bed below for easy storage of clothes. There are two large compartments on the inside, which can be used for enlarged luggage. The advantage of a custom-made modular bed is that it can help you use up all the space. You can place wardrobes, desks, etc., and there are hundreds of colors for you to choose from.


If you would like to customize a modular bed for the children in your home, please feel free to discuss it with our designers. We guarantee that the boards used are E1 low-formaldehyde to protect the health of people in your house.

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