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The special thing about this guest’s master room is that the wardrobe is really “built into the wall”, because the location of the wardrobe in this room itself is recessed, so if you want to make full use of this space, of course the best choice is It’s custom furniture. This wardrobe can use up the depth and height of the original recess, and the spacing and color can be freely selected.


A bedside table was made for the bedside. The difference between this bedside table and the usual bedside table is that this bedside table is taller. In addition, we can see that this bedside table is divided into two parts. A flip-up door is made below. Even if a pillow is placed in front of the flip-up door, it will not affect the opening and closing of the flip-up door panel. The upper part has a sliding door design, so that when it is opened, the things placed inside can be seen at once.


There is also a first-level staircase on the floor to facilitate going up and down at night. Customized furniture provides extremely high flexibility, you are welcome to inquire~~~

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