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This time we customized retro-style furniture for our guests. The design may seem a bit complicated, but it actually uses wall panels and wardrobes to separate two rooms in a T-shape in one space, and each room is entered by a sliding door. In a room near the big window, a 3-foot bed about waist high was placed, and three-layer cabinets were made. Convenient to sort clothes into categories. Since the space in this room is relatively small, we were very careful when calculating the depth of the cabinets and buckets to avoid making them too deep to open the cabinets and too shallow to hold things in.


This 3-foot bed has a headboard. The back of the headboard is used to store the opened sliding door. We made the hanging sliding door this time, mainly because we hope that it will be more convenient for the owner of the household to enter and exit the room without kicking the underground rail guide. ​


A wardrobe in the same color as the wall panels in the room is built on the side of the 3-foot bed. The wardrobe adopts a typical design, with winter clothes on top and hanging clothes on the bottom. In addition to hanging passages, the wardrobe entrance is also equipped with shelves, so that the owner can freely choose between hanging clothes and folding clothes.


Since there is only one ceiling light in this area, and the position of the original ceiling light is just blocked by the wall wardrobe, we specially help the household owner to divide the original ceiling light into two independent room lights, each of which is equipped with two devices. The switches on the wall panels are independently controlled. The wires of the ceiling lights and switches should be run inside the wardrobe as much as possible to reduce the exposure of the wires and increase the sense of unity between the wall panels.


There is a 2.5-foot bed in the other room, and a bedside cabinet is built above the 2.5-foot bed. The upper part of the bedside cabinet has a double-door storage cabinet for convenient storage of clothes. In the middle, there is a checkered cabinet and a locked cabinet bucket, which can be used to store valuables such as passports or jewelry.


If you also want to use furniture as a room, you are welcome to discuss with our designers a design plan customized for you~~~

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