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The furniture we customized for our customers this time is a floor-to-ceiling floor for the entire house. The floor is installed in the entire room, and the amount of storage in the unit has increased significantly. No matter how much clutter there is, if you don’t wash it, it will make it look out of place.

On the floor of the living room, we customized two electric lift tables for our guests. The two tables are placed on the left side together to form a large table. No matter how many friends come to eat in the room, they will not be surprised that there are no seats. This electric lift table has an anti-pinch system. If a foreign object is caught when it is lowered, it will naturally bounce upward. So don’t worry about pinching children’s fingers.


In addition, we also customized a TV cabinet for our guests in the corner of the living room. Although the TV cabinet is placed on the floor, you don’t have to worry about using up the storage space below. Because the inside of the front platform is connected to the platform at the bottom of the TV cabinet.


All our platform door panels are equipped with invisible handles and hydraulic air supports to prevent fingers from being pinched when the door panels are closed and opened.


If you also want to increase the storage space in your home, come and discuss the floor design of your home with our designers~~~

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