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HK$2,800 / 每橫尺 (尺數多有優惠)
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This kitchen is relatively large compared to traditional family kitchens. The entire set of kitchen cabinets is in the shape of a “mouth” and surrounds the entire kitchen. All kitchen cabinets are made of solid fireproof rubber sheets without black edges, and the lines of the kitchen cabinets are smooth and natural. The stone surface of the kitchen cabinet is made of seamless stone. There is no connection between the stone and the stone. The flatness is extremely high, and the front and rear water retaining effects are smooth, making it less likely to leak.


In addition, the glass wall cabinet door panels allow users to roughly see the dishes placed in the cabinet. They can see the things placed in the wall cabinet without opening all the cabinet doors, which is convenient for use.


In addition, two sets of base cabinets are equipped with multiple cabinet bins, making it easy to sort the dishes into categories so that they can be washed from left to right.


The advantage of custom-made kitchen cabinets is that all partitions can be freely designed. We have many other kitchen cabinet designs. Welcome to discuss with our designers in detail.

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