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What can you do if there is suddenly an extra member in the house and the original room is full? The method is to add a room with furniture somewhere in the hall. If you use brick walls, I’m afraid the holes in the entire room will be filled with dust. If you use traditional wooden boards and apply ash and grease after finishing, the result will be the same. So there is a simple solution, which is to use furniture to separate rooms. The furniture itself already has a wood grain color, so there is no need for additional greasing and greasing. Moreover, installing this type of partition wall can usually be installed in one day, so in terms of cleanliness and speed, using Furniture Room is the best choice. .

Another advantage of using furniture to separate rooms is that the design is much more flexible. There is usually a movable transom on the side of the hall to facilitate ventilation. The length and width of the transom can be freely customized. If you need one window or two windows, you can use glass or windows. The choice is yours. As for room doors, sliding doors are generally chosen because they save space. The lines and styles of sliding doors can be freely customized. The door glass can be frosted or clear glass or solid wood grain color.

The furniture in the room can also be customized when moving into the room. It can be made into a bunk bed or a platform bed and a wardrobe. In short, you can do whatever you want. Another popular way to separate a room is to use a cabinet to make a bed, with the top for sleeping and the bottom for storage. This type of bed is mainly for workers and sisters.

Our company specializes in using furniture or sliding door rooms in different spaces. If you also have needs in this area, please feel free to contact us.

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