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The furniture we customized for our guests this time is a sliding door for each room, a hydraulic platform bed and a double-sided wardrobe. The sliding door adopts a door-to-top design to effectively open the floor of the building. The sliding door is made of frosted glass, allowing light from the window to enter the house. The sliding door uses a black frame, which has excellent stain resistance. The platform bed uses a hydraulic bed design, which is convenient for storing large objects, such as suitcases or plastic boxes.

As for the double-sided wardrobe, the door opens to this room on the left side, and the door opens to the opposite room on the other side. When customizing a double-sided wardrobe, customers often ask, is the double-sided wardrobe actually soundproof? The double-sided wardrobe actually has excellent soundproofing properties. Because when the wardrobe is full of clothes, the clothes can play the role of sound-absorbing cotton, and it is the kind of extremely thick sound-absorbing cotton. In addition to the clothes that act as sound absorbers, there are of course wardrobe panels that reflect sound waves.


If you also need double-sided cabinets and movable sliding door rooms, please feel free to inquire with our designers.

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Storage Bed

Platform Bed

Divider Cabinet

Storage Platform


Living Room Raised Platform


electric height-adjustable desk

Bedroom Cabinet



partition sliding door

Living Room

sliding door

Raised Platform




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