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This time we customized a series of children’s room furniture for the guest’s children’s room. A half-height children’s bed has 4 cabinets and buckets underneath for easy storage of commonly used clothes. Since it is a children’s bed, of course we have also taken safety considerations into consideration and built a bed side panel beside the bed to prevent children from turning over and falling off the bed. Since 4 cabinets and buckets are made, the bed frame is relatively high. I thought we made steps for getting up and down at the end of the bed, and the steps were relatively wide to ensure the safety of the children. At the same time, each step can be stored, so every inch of your space will not be wasted.


An accessories cabinet/combination cabinet was built at the end of the bed for children to place their favorite accessories. Of course, jewelry cabinets inevitably have glass, but for the sake of children’s safety, we only made glass shelves, and this glass shelf has also been strengthened. Even if it is accidentally exploded, it will not shatter into hand-intrusive glass. fragments.


In addition, we made a large desk and large storage cabinet for the guests. No matter how big the children are, they don’t have to worry about running out of space to put clothes.


If we want children to sleep peacefully, of course we have to emphasize that the board we use is E1 formaldehyde-free ecological board, which is tasteless and odorless and easy to clean.


If you also need to customize room furniture for your beloved children, please feel free to contact us at any time 😀

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