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If your mattress is very large and thick, I suggest you get an electric hydraulic bed. Because the electric hydraulic bed is really easy to wash and use. Be aware that some beds are really heavy. Master, I have actually tried a mattress that required two grown men to lift first. If you are just a girl, you may not be able to support it on your own. But don’t be afraid of washing at IKEA. Our electric hydraulic bed can help you. Just one click can help you open the bed board and bury the mattress to the maximum. The opening range is larger than that of a traditional hydraulic press, and can reach an opening angle of approximately 70 degrees. Traditional ones are generally only 45-50 degrees. The wider the angle is, the better the use of the space will be. Large items can be put down directly without having to climb left and right. Our company’s electric hydraulic bed can bear a load of 200kg, so there is absolutely no need to worry about a mattress that cannot be raised. Our electric hydraulic bed can be raised and lowered through two methods: wired and wireless. So even if the wireless remote control is broken, you don’t need to worry about not being able to upgrade to a bed, because there is a wired system. In addition, our electric hydraulic press can be turned into manual at any time. So whenever you no longer want to use an electric hydraulic bed, you can always change it back to an ordinary hydraulic bed. There is no need to worry about an electric hydraulic press. After 10 or 8 years of use, the machine will be naturally damaged and no longer of use. The electric hydraulic bed we customized for our customers this time is 6 feet wide, and even such a large bed can be raised easily. There’s also lots of storage space underneath.


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