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HK$2,300 / 每橫尺 (尺數多有優惠)
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The following is a quote from the owner:

“Thank you to Good Furniture for helping me customize this very practical bunk bed with a platform bed. It can accommodate 3 people~~~Using every inch of space in the room.

This bunk bed is actually 3 feet above and 3 feet below. It can be compared with that of my worker and my boss. At the end of the bunk bed is a waist-high 2.5-foot bed, which is smaller than mine.

The left platform is built under the modular bed, which can provide a lot of storage space. It also provides a space for children to play. The design of tatami is actually based on the typical Japanese storage concept.

The floor height is 400mm, and a 31-inch suitcase can be placed horizontally, and other sundries can be put in.”

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