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Five tips for learning semi-open bedroom design

Since the space of a small square meter is limited, most people will choose an open or semi-open bedroom so that the whole house does not look too cramped. This case uses a semi-open bedroom design. If you also need to design a semi-open bedroom, be sure to read on!

【1. Wooden slat screen】

In order to improve the privacy of a semi-open bedroom while maintaining a sense of transparency in the space, a screen would be a good choice. The wooden screen uses the same board as the bedroom tatami and wardrobe. The light-colored wood grain board will enhance the sense of space and make the entire visual space consistent. The air-conditioning in the bedroom can also be blown into the living room, saving the need to install additional air-conditioning in the living room. cost of.

半開放式的睡房, 以木條子屏風間房
Semi-open bedroom, separated by wooden screens

[2. Use different boards to distinguish the purpose of lockers]

In addition to screens, it is also very common to use locker partitions. The purpose of the lockers can be distinguished by different boards. For example, the storage cabinets facing the living room and kitchen use white boards to match the style of the kitchen cabinets, while the wardrobes in the bedrooms use light wood grain and blue boards to make the space layout clearer and more orderly for guests to store.

半開放式的睡房, 以不同板材區分儲物櫃用途
Semi-open bedroom, with different boards used to distinguish storage cabinets
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[3. Hollow out a corner of the closet to create space for a bedside table]

Although the square footage is small, it still needs to meet daily needs. A customized wardrobe can hollow out the wardrobe part near the bedside and open up space to become a bedside table, which is convenient for placing night lights and daily necessities. It can also be used to store mobile phones and accessories while sleeping. Wait for debris.

半開放式的睡房, 挖空衣櫃一角, 闢出床頭櫃空間
Semi-open bedroom, hollow out a corner of the wardrobe to create bedside table space

[4. Side-turning electric storage bed can be easily used by one person]

Space is limited, but life should not be limited, so we have to find the best storage method. An electric storage bed can definitely help you! There is a super large storage space under the bed. The electric design only requires one hand to turn up the storage bed. It can be easily used by one person at any time, making storage simple and convenient. It is no longer difficult to keep the home clean and tidy!

半開放式的睡房, 側翻式電動油壓床一個人都可以輕鬆使用
Semi-open bedroom, side-folding electric storage bed, can be easily used by one person

[5. Use tatami mats throughout the room, reduce tall cabinets, and instantly enlarge the space]

Tall cabinets have a heavy feeling of pressure and should not be placed too much to avoid making the already small space even more crowded. Covering the room with tatami mats and placing a few tall cabinets side by side can not only balance the visual effect, but also provide sufficient storage space.

半開放式的睡房, 以全房地台為主, 減少高身櫃, 空間瞬間變大
Semi-open bedroom, the entire room is made of tatami mats, and high cabinets are reduced, making the space instantly larger

If you also need to customize a similar semi-open bedroom, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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