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This time we customized a series of furniture for the guest’s master bedroom. One of the more attractive ones is the 6×6-foot electric storage bed. Because a 6-foot bed is relatively large, we often recommend that customers make it electric and hydraulic. The advantage of using electric hydraulic pressure is, of course, that the switch is very convenient. You can turn it on by pressing it with the remote control, and you can control it as high as you want. Even if the remote control is broken, there is still a wired remote control that can be used. According to our experience, the electric hydraulic device can be used for more than ten years without any problem. Even if it is really broken, we also provide on-site repair services. If you decide in the middle that you don’t want electric hydraulic pressure, you can also remove it and replace it with an ordinary hydraulic lever. Now our company is offering promotional discounts. You only need to add an extra $2500 to upgrade to electric hydraulics. A 4-foot electric hydraulic bed only costs 8,000. At a relatively affordable price, we can say it is much cheaper.


Next to the tatami, we made two large bedside tables, and the tops of the bedside tables were made with small rounded corners to prevent hitting the head.


Then there are desks and large storage cabinets. The drawer panels of the desk and the door panels of the wardrobe use relatively light-colored wood grain, which effectively increases the sense of space and design of the room.


These sets of furniture make the whole room full of Muji style atmosphere. This unprinted wood grain color is actually one of the more popular ones. If you want customized Muji-style furniture, you might as well discuss it with our designers right away~~~



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