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The advantage of having a high floor is that it can be used as a bed for 3 people. The three beds are staggered with each other, which is space-saving and practical. Since it is custom-made, you can just click on the design. In terms of design, the lattice bed is placed just below the tie beam, so that it can cover a little window sill. Even if the room is a little different in size, it won’t be a big surprise if it doesn’t fit a bed.


The side panel of the middle bed can be made larger to avoid blocking the light source entering the room through the window, so that you don’t have to worry about not seeing the sun in the morning and getting up late because you don’t know the time. The footboard of the lower bed also has a large opening on the left side, so that it does not block the window sill space. It’s no problem even if you hang your clothes on the window sill.

One of the special features of this room is that the air conditioner is in the middle, so the middle bed was specially placed under the air conditioner during the design to facilitate subsequent maintenance.

The platform under the bed is all covered with door panels, making storage easy and making full use of the space in the room.


At the same time, a built-in wardrobe is built under the bed to make it convenient for children to carry clothes. All ladders are movable and can be removed at any time when changing the mattress.

Since the room itself is relatively thin, the lighter wood grain on the left side of the bed was used during the design, so that the sense of oppression in the room can be greatly reduced.

Generally speaking, custom-made bunk beds/bunk beds can have a lot of flexibility in design, and the boards used are all plywood, so they are also very realistic. Worth recommending


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