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This time I want to take you to Tuen Mun New Estate – Jing Shan House, a 4-5 person unit, to see the whole house furniture design of 3 bedrooms and 1 living room.

Milk tea color living room

The living room is dominated by milk tea color, which is a popular color in interior design in recent years. Because of the soft tone, it can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and at the same time exude an elegant atmosphere, so many guests like milk tea color furniture.

The hollow cabinet in the entrance hall is not very wide. With double doors, you can see what shoes are in the shoe cabinet at a glance, and it is very convenient to take the shoes. The hollow countertop position is just right for placing keys and letters. If the storage position is correct, 100% of the storage space can be used.

The C-shaped cabinet on the other side of the gate is equipped with a shoe-changing stool, and you can sit down and change your shoes as soon as you enter the house. It is much more convenient to have a shoe-changing stool if there are children or the elderly at home!

The entire living room is mainly in beige, apricot and milk tea colors. The TV cabinet has a dark coffee wood grain color. With the unique wooden strip design, the TV cabinet can easily become the centerpiece and protagonist of the living room.

Children’s house bed

Children have lively personalities. It is safer to use stair cabinets to get up and down the loft bed. The floor of the building is not high enough to make a loft bed, so instead a loft shape is added to the fence. The price will also be cheaper than a loft bed with a whole roof! The wardrobe opposite the bed is thoughtfully designed with storage compartments in a room shape, and is a set of linings with the bed. It has a childlike feel, and the simple design will not be out of place even when the children grow up.

L shaped angled kitchen cabinets

HOS and public housing units must be no strangers to L-shaped kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet case this time adopts an L-shaped design with a small bevel. The zinc basin can be installed at the corner, which is very space-saving!

If you want to customize the whole house furniture, please contact us. We can provide you with an immediate quotation, or you can visit the Shimen store to negotiate with the designer. Check the floor plan of Jingtian Village or the latest customized furniture package offers


Living Room

Platform Bed


C-Shaped Cabinet



Storage Bed

L-shape Kitchen Cabinet

Bunk Bed

Dressing Table



Bedside Table

L-shape Desk



Kitchen Cabinet


Shoe Cabinet

Staircase Cabinet

Bedroom Cabinet

Book Cabinet

Bunk Bed


TV Stand




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