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If you want to have storage space, but also need space to hang a TV, stereo and set-top box, Essie multifunctional TV combination cabinet is just what you need.

Tall lockers are installed on the left or right for you to choose, depending on your home layout and living habits.


The combination cabinet has a simple design but has extraordinary functions. The tall storage compartment has a clothes hanging channel, which can hang unwashed coats. It is tidy enough, so naturally there will be no more piles of clothes piled on the sofa.


There is an open storage compartment at the bottom of the locker. There is no foot base, and the sweeping robot can go directly into it. It is perfect for storing the sweeping robot!


If you have a house with pets, you can even arrange the open storage compartment without a floor into a cozy home for the paparazzi and cats~


Glass cabinets are dust-proof and can display exquisite jewelry; drawers are suitable for storing documents, small household items, charging cables and other small household items.

There is a whole row of wall cabinets with closed doors, and the high cabinets on the side can be installed on the left or right. There are a lot of storage cabinets, and the hanging combination cabinets not only create a sense of space, but children’s toys and footrests can also be placed underneath.





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