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Simply help customers customize a C-shaped cabinet. Two cabinet buckets are built under the C position, the bottom is used as a shoe cabinet, and the others are used as ordinary storage cabinets. There are movable shelves inside the lockers that can be adjusted up and down. All door panels are designed with concealed draws and no handles to prevent children from hitting them. All door panels are equipped with cushioned hydraulic door hinges. The height of the C-shaped counter top is moderate, suitable for the height of normal Hong Kong people. The height of the hollow position is also customized according to the height of the objects that the customer needs to place. The width of the countertop is the width of two doors. In fact, it can also be made with three doors, but customers prefer storage space with doors, so the wide table of our countertop only occupies two doors. The design of C-shaped cabinets with the same roof and into the wall is, of course, to avoid leaving gaps for dust to enter. At the same time, please note that our C-shaped cabinet is not placed next to the door. There is about 1 foot of space between the C-shaped cabinet and the door. This can avoid bumping into the cabinet as soon as you enter the door and reduce the sense of space oppression.

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