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This time we created a super luxurious living room storage cabinet for our guests. In terms of color selection, we chose the noble and elegant khaki color. You should know that khaki is one of the main colors of many luxury handbags. When used on a locker, it can highlight the style of the locker. We used white piano paint as the main color of the lockers, which makes the entire living room particularly bright, and the cabinets can reflect light from each other. The cabinet body of the locker uses irregular concave and convex lines to highlight the alternative design style. The hollow part of the C-shaped cabinet is made of golden mirror, which reflects the golden light and greatly enhances the appearance of the locker. A golden LED light strip is added to the top of the hollow part, which diffuses a soft warmth and offsets the oppressive feeling of the huge hall cabinet. The upper layer of the hollow part uses regular but slightly irregular grids, which greatly reduces the monotony caused by too many cabinet doors. From the above we can see that every design element has a profound meaning behind it.


The bottom of the C-shaped cabinet is designed with a sliding door. Even if a sofa or other debris is placed in front of the hall cabinet, it will not affect the opening and closing of the cabinet door. Similarly, the door of the large cabinet against the wall in the corner also adopts sliding door to save the space for opening the door. Irregular lines are also made on the surface of the sliding door to unify the design style of the entire cabinet. Due to the height limit of the elevator, our high cabinets are divided into two groups: upper and lower. Although there are fewer items in the upper group, the quilts used to store large items are equally invincible. It is worth noting that our telephone switches and communication devices are installed directly on the cabinets, and these items can be integrated with the living room storage cabinets we customized for our customers.


Although the living room storage cabinets we customized for our customers this time have a baked lacquer finish, they still have no unpleasant smell and the formaldehyde level is below E1. Our set of lacquered furniture is made of real plywood, not ordinary fiberboard. There will be no swelling or deformation when exposed to water. Especially suitable for families located in humid areas.


If you also want to customize a set of lacquered furniture, you are welcome to contact our designers.

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