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Another worker’s room is completed! This time, the guest house also faced the problem of not having a separate worker’s room, but the worker’s sister was coming soon. The guest was troubled about the worker’s room, so he asked us to help customize a set of living room cabinets and a worker’s room, which was easy to do. There is a separate space for the worker sister to rest. Want to know how the workers’ houses are designed? Just keep reading!

White and gray simply create a low-key fashion

The guest house itself has light gray floors and white walls. Therefore, in order to reduce the bulkiness of the worker’s room, the entire set of customized furniture is made of “white on top and gray on the bottom” to match the walls and floors. Keep your living room bright.

There are many choices for gray color palettes. This time, the customer chose a very textured gray stone color palette, which is based on gray and has golden jazzy stone patterns. Low-key fashion is as simple as that.

Living room cabinet with working room

The cabinets in the living room and the workroom seem to be a set of cabinets, but they actually satisfy the two wishes of the guests. The outward-facing living room cabinet has a storage function and also has a glass cabinet section for displaying accessories. A vertical stair cabinet is built on the side of the cabinet so that the worker sister can climb onto the bed. Above the glass cabinet is a flip-up breathable air window that can be opened from the worker’s bed. The worker’s sister can open the air window at night when she is resting. On weekdays, the air window can be closed when doing housework at home, so that it will not be obtrusive when looking outside.

Retractable dining table is invisible and saves space

In order to save space, we really try our best to help customers design ~ For example, putting a retractable dining table under the living room cabinet and pulling it out when needed is much more space-saving than placing a fixed dining table!

If you want to customize the workman’s room and living room cabinets, please contact us for a free quote, or come and visit our Shimen showroom.





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