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Everyone wants the furniture in their house to be white and clean. The only way to achieve this effect is with lacquered furniture, but have you thought about these points before making lacquered furniture?

High formaldehyde

To make formaldehyde-lacquered furniture, paint is inevitably used, and the paint itself contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. When the entire cabinet is painted, formaldehyde will fill the entire cabinet and the entire room will be filled with the smell of formaldehyde. If you want to use baking paint to make bedroom furniture and you have a newborn baby at home, formaldehyde must be considered carefully.

Not durable and prone to chipping and cracking

Furniture made of baked lacquer is often made of fiberboard. The disadvantage of fiberboard is that it is easy to get damp and warp. At the same time, the texture of fiberboard itself is relatively soft, so it is easy to collapse or crack when hit. At the same time, the stress on the fiberboard is relatively poor, and the screws will already slip if they are tightened a little.

Requires frequent cleaning

If you plan to use white lacquer to make furniture, you must clean the furniture frequently, otherwise the furniture will be easily stained and dirty. At the same time, the furniture will look older and less beautiful after a short period of use.


If you accept the above points and it does not hinder your determination to make lacquer furniture, you are welcome to contact us at any time to customize different styles of lacquer furniture.


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