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Here are actual customer reviews:

“Thanks to Good Furniture, I know that it is better to put the wardrobe on the platform bed than to put it on the ground or separate it.

I chose the left one with deep wood grain and matched it with yellow lights in the room. It felt so warm and cozy.

At first I was thinking a lot about whether to install cabinets in every room, because I felt a sense of oppression, but then the good furniture and good design convinced me that the other rooms were not stressful at all. Just attach a headboard to the headboard of the platform bed and put it inside to make a light trough. In this way, as soon as people enter the room, they will pay attention to a lamp and surround it with many cabinets so that they will not have a good sleep. At the same time, the lamp can illuminate the entire room and make the space feel larger. This way you can easily solve the problem of oppression 😀

Anyway, the room in the house feels really nice!”

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