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This simple platform bed makes full use of the space in the room, and every inch of the room is used for storage. The side cabinet by the window can be used to store some lightweight items. The height is just right under the window sill and will not block any light entering the room. The top-opening door panels are deep enough to store long and deep objects, such as suitcases. All platform beds are designed with top-opening door panels and do not use complex hydraulic devices. The storage platform is more durable and will not cause any mechanical problems after 20 years of use. Another advantage of the top-opening door panel is that you can see the entire space inside the platform bed at a glance. The door panel can be opened up to 90 degrees, unlike the large hydraulic opening which only has a 45-degree opening range. Large items can be stored easily. There is one level of stairs on the floor, which is convenient for the elderly to get up and down. The height of the steps is moderate. The first level is only 200mm high, so you can easily climb up in one step.

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