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4 situations where you must use an electric hydraulic press

Many people think that the electric hydraulic bed is an add-on, but in fact, it is necessary to make an electric hydraulic bed under certain circumstances, because only through the electric oil bed, the space will be more convenient to use. Let’s take a look at the circumstances under which electric hydraulic presses must be used:

The middle position of the hydraulic bed is blocked

Everyone knows that the opening and closing of the hydraulic bed must be in the middle position, because the middle position is easier to use. However, if the middle position is blocked by some objects or furniture, it will be difficult to open and close. Take our case above as an example. We used the sliding door to separate a master room. But when the sliding door is opened, the middle position is just blocked by the overlapping position of the sliding door. This makes it difficult for the hydraulic bed to open and close in the middle. Therefore, in this case, it is best to make the hydraulic press an electric hydraulic one. In this way, opening and closing the hydraulic bed will become much simpler.

Modular bed with 3 feet top and 4 feet bottom

In the case of a combination bed with 3 upper and 4 lower beds, the electric hydraulic bed is a good choice. The reason is that in most modular beds, the hollow distance between the upper and lower floors is less than 4 feet, which makes it impossible to place the mattress underneath. If the mattress cannot be straightened, the storage space below will be difficult to use. Either lift the entire mattress out, or hold the mattress with one hand and open the locker under the bed with the other. As you can imagine, given that most bedrooms in Hong Kong are very small, this action is difficult to accomplish. At this time, if the lower layer is changed to an electric hydraulic bed, the space under the bed will become very easy to use. With just a button, the mattress can be raised and parked at any angle. Large luggage can be placed directly under the bed.

The mattress is too heavy

If the mattress is a 5-foot or 6-foot bed with a thickness of 10 inches or more, electric hydraulic pressure is also a good choice. Because the mattress is very heavy given its size, it may be difficult to lift it by one person.

There is no man in the family

If there are only women in the family and the figure is slim, an electric hydraulic bed is also a good choice. Although hydraulic beds are generally equipped with hydraulic arms to help open and close, if the weight of the mattress does not fully match the load-bearing capacity of the hydraulic arms, it may be difficult to open or close the hydraulic bed.


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