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Nowadays, it is very popular to use tatami design to increase the storage space in the bedroom. But do you know how the tatami is actually opened? There are actually many ways to open the tatami. Different methods have different advantages and disadvantages. This time, let Goodlight show you these ways to open the door. .

With tatami rotating handle

Using silver tatami handles is the most common approach. In the picture below, we can see that each piece of tatami has a silver handle. This handle has a rotating and retractable design. You can flip the handle up by pressing it lightly on the left and right sides. The advantage of using this kind of handle is that it is easy to open. The disadvantage is that some customers find it unsightly and may scratch their feet (but in fact, the handle itself is very thin, so it is not easy to scratch their feet, and it also has a rounded edge design.)



Oblique pumping

Another way to open and close the door panel is to make the door panel into an oblique handle. The advantage of the oblique handle is that the handle is not visible on the door panel, but the opening between the door panels is relatively large.




dig a hole

Another way to open the door is to make a recess in the middle of the door panel to open the door panel. The advantage of this method is that there is no silver handle and the gap is smaller, but there are still places where dust can accumulate between the recesses.

油壓床床頭包 油壓床

No handle

If you really don’t want any handles and want the gap between the tatami door panels to be very small, you can choose to make just one panel. The opening and closing method is to use a suction cup to open it. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome and requires tools every time it is switched on and off.



convex handle

The so-called protruding handle means that the tatami door panel protrudes slightly by 2 centimeters to create a handle. The advantage of this design is that there will not be any obvious handles, there will be very few gaps, and there will be less chance of dust accumulation. But this design can generally only be used with peripheral tatami door panels.

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