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I don’t know why, but almost every piece of furniture we customize for our customers has some features that could fill a short article. This Muji-colored platform features an upturned headboard. Generally, headboards are turned down. The reason for turning up is to turn the original headboard into a desk. When not in use, it folds down like an ordinary headboard. When in use, it flips up and can be used to place a laptop and watch movies online, making it easy and simple.

As for the wardrobe, I made a solid dressing cabinet bucket on the left. This cabinet bucket is attached with a silver mirror on the left side. It is placed on the upper surface of the cabinet bucket to facilitate dressing up. A small checkered box is made on the left side of the cabinet to put small items. Skin care products. The panel is equipped with hydraulic air support to prevent hands from getting pinched when opening.

The sliding door wardrobe is of course designed to save space on the left side. The wardrobe is placed directly under the floor platform. The lower layer is mainly used for hanging clothes, so that the space blocked by the floor can be easily used.

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