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趟門 房趟門 房間趟門 衣櫃及櫃桶 衣櫃 組合床及地台床及房間趟門 組合床及地台床

Use furniture to create a five-person bedroom

Many people think that a room must be decorated first, but this is not necessarily the case. You can also use furniture to separate rooms. Taking our case as an example, we used frosted glass sliding doors to create a large room in the living room. Using furniture for a living room has different benefits, including less dust, being able to complete it in one day, even if the unit is already occupied, the style and style of the living room wall/sliding door being changeable, and high design flexibility, etc.

In the case of this guest, we used furniture in the living room to create a 5-person room with two modular beds in it. Each modular bed can naturally sleep two people, and a total of four people can sleep. Where is there another bed like this? That is the platform. One more bed can be placed on the platform and it can be dismantled toward the side. This just makes up 5 beds.

You may not have noticed that in addition to being used for sleeping on the floor in the room, there is actually an electric lifting table hidden on the floor. This electric lifting table can be raised when in use, providing a space for children to read. In addition, in addition to the bed and the floor, we also built a large wardrobe against the wall. The wardrobe has 8 cabinets and buckets to facilitate the use of different tenants.


If you also want to use furniture to separate rooms, we are confident that we can help you. You are welcome to contact us at any time.





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