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If you also want your house to be filled with a strong Japanese flavor, then you must order a Japanese-style sliding door. Our company specializes in custom-made Japanese-style sliding doors to help you easily create a Japanese-style home. The color, number of lines, thickness, distribution and grid number of this sliding door can be customized at will. Japanese-style sliding doors are made of solid cloth, which is breathable and light-transmissive and easy to care for. They are especially suitable for making partitions in the living room.

The sliding door can be connected with the floor to create an underground storage space. Each storage compartment on the floor has hydraulic air support and an anti-pinch design. Japanese-style soft cushions can be placed on the floor to sit cross-legged. Sit there, sip tea and read, which is a unique mood. At the same time, it can be matched with a tatami lifting platform. It can be used as a dining table when it is raised, and it can be used as an ordinary tatami floor when it is lowered.


If you also want to customize Japanese-style sliding doors, please feel free to talk to our designers.

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