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Raise tatami to create extra large storage room

Ordinary tatami mats are usually 40cm high. If you feel that the tatami mat cannot store enough things, or you like your bedroom to be taller, you can choose to increase the height of the tatami mat to create a larger and taller storage room and a more comfortable sleeping experience.


Raised tatami designs create larger, taller storage rooms and a more comfortable sleeping experience

More mattress choices

Tatami mats have no restrictions on bed frames, and there are many choices in mattress sizes and types. In addition to being able to place mattresses, tatami mats can also be laid in a Japanese style to meet the needs of different styles.


In addition to being able to place mattresses, tatami can also be laid out in a Japanese style to suit different styles.

Two-level stair cabinet makes it easy to climb up

Tatami can replace tall lockers and reduce the number of cabinets in the room. However, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to climb. The height of the bed frame from the ground is too high, which may not be suitable for everyone. Especially the heightened design, it is best to match the multi-level design. Stair cabinet, so you don’t have to work too hard to climb up.

Moreover, the stair cabinet itself is also a very useful and easy-to-open storage space, which is very good for storing daily necessities.


The design of the elevated tatami is best matched with a multi-level stair cabinet, so that climbing up does not require too much effort.

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What to do without a bedside table?

Sometimes the bedside table design has to be abandoned because the room is not big enough. Without a bedside table, where can I put my belongings before going to bed?

If there is a window sill, you can use it as a bedside table to temporarily place things. If something needs to be placed at the bedside for a long time for easy use, but you are afraid that it will be exposed to the sun if placed on the window sill, you can place an uncommon or designed high stool next to the bed, or use a hole in the The board creates a vertical storage space that matches the height of the tatami for storage.


If there is no bedside table, you can place an uncommon or high-design stool beside the bed.


If there is no bedside table, perforated boards can create vertical storage space for storage according to the height of the tatami.

If you also want to customize tatami, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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