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When choosing children’s room furniture, many parents choose the most neutral and conservative colors, such as white, beige, pink, pink blue and wood grain. In fact, the color matching of a children’s room not only affects the appearance, but also affects the child’s thoughts and personality. If you want to stimulate your child’s creativity, you can start with the color of the furniture in the bedroom to create an interesting and lively space for your child to grow.

Color-blocking panels enrich visual effects

It is best to choose bright, lively and lively colors for children’s rooms. Pink, blue, green, etc. are common. A single color will be too monotonous. In this case, you can use contrasting colors to match, such as pink with cyan, yellow with blue. color. The brightness and chroma of colors are increased, making the contrast more vivid, which can stimulate children’s visual development and stimulate their creativity in color matching. It also cultivates beauty and creativity, and has a greater influence on younger children.

In our case this time, pink and cyan are used as the main colors of the furniture in the entire room, and blue bedside cushions are designed. Cyan and blue are both colors with high chroma, which enriches the visual effect of the bedroom. .


Colorful children’s room design stimulates children’s creativity

Styling handle kills two birds with one stone

The ladder of the loft bed is one of the best places to create a special shape. For example, hollow out part of the ladder to make it easy to use as a handrail; add a handle to the side of the locker on the upper bed to make it easier to climb up to the upper bunk. It adds interest to the room.

The fence of the upper lattice bed is also a place where the shape can be used. Part of the fence can be hollowed out to create a special shape, which is lively and ventilated.


Designing handles in children’s rooms is both practical and adds interest to the space.

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Make good use of the window sill space and put three beds in one room

If there are three children in the family, or if parents or nannies need to sleep in the same room with two children, then three beds are enough in one room. Make good use of the space on the window sill and place part of the bed frame on the window sill. This will allow you to place an extra bed without overcrowding the passage and climbing onto the bed.

The window sill can also be used to build a small bookcase, which is just high enough for children to take and store it by themselves.

色彩豐富的兒童房設計,激發小孩的創造力Colorful children’s room design stimulates children’s creativity

Bedside soft cushions for reading and playing

Children roll around on the bed, or accidentally bump into the wall while playing. To reduce the chance of injury to the child, you can build a soft cushion on the wall/bed board beside the bed.

The soft cushions on the side of the bed also allow children to sit comfortably against the wall, which is very suitable for quietly listening to their parents telling stories or reading a book by themselves.


With bed side cushions, it is safer and more comfortable for children to read and play on the bed.

If you also want to create a colorful children’s room for your children, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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