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A major feature of this folding bed is that there is a suspended bookshelf in front of the folding bed. The things on this bookshelf will not be affected even when the folding bed is opened. Things placed on the bookshelf do not need to be taken down. Open the fold-out bed completely. Due to the high-density precision hydraulic device, the bed will be very flat when it is lowered. Even if a glass of water is placed on the bookshelf, the water will not fall down. One of the great advantages of descending slowly is that you can stop at any location at any time without fear of accidents due to children in front. In addition to being used to store things, this bookshelf is also a handle. The height of this bookshelf can be adjusted freely. We suggest that you increase the height of this bookshelf as high as possible so that children cannot easily reach it. All of our convertible beds can be paired with a sofa, either a traditional bench sofa or a corner sofa. All sofa fabrics are removable and washable, so you don’t have to worry even if you have children at home. The frame of our sofa is also made of pure solid wood and can be used for ten years.


If you also want to customize a set of invisible beds and sofas, you are welcome to contact our designers.





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