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If you want to change the use of space, a custom-made transforming bed can help you. The transforming bed is definitely a space magic space in the 21st century. It can help you turn the living room into a bedroom anytime, anywhere, an open-room style into a 1-bedroom, and a 1-bedroom into a 2-bedroom.


✅Our company’s custom-made deformable bed is made of 18mm multi-layer solid wood fine core plywood, E1 low formaldehyde, environmentally friendly and allows you to have a good sleep.

✅Our deformation beds are all equipped with patented spring mechanisms and buffering structural mechanisms. The strength can be adjusted freely and can stay at multiple angles to ensure safe use.

✅All hardware used has been inspected by SGC and the results are excellent. Our transforming beds can be used for more than 20 years.

✅The furniture on the left and right sides of the transformable bed can be freely matched and customized, so every inch of space in your home will never be wasted.

✅The key hardware of the transforming bed is made of stainless steel and is formed in one piece. It has great supporting capacity and makes the opening and closing of the transforming bed more invisible.

✅The bed frame is made of 5cm square tubes and welded at multiple points. The wall thickness reaches 1.6cm. It can bear a load of 350kg. It is visibly strong and provides you with preferential sleep.

✅The body of the transforming bed is made of double rows of birch, combined with a thickened heavy-duty bed frame, allowing you to sleep more peacefully.




Rollover deformable bed with wall cabinet


Rollover deformable bed with wall cabinet


Living Room



Book Cabinet

Bedroom Cupboard

Murphy Bed

Transforming Furnitures

Wall Bed With Sofa


Wall Cabinet


Side Flip Murphy Bed

Bedroom Cabinet




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