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When it comes to a house that costs a lot of land, it is not an exaggeration to say that “a sparrow may be small but has all the internal organs.” If owners of small houses want to know how to maximize the use of area, the quickest way is to search online for design methods in furniture stores. The editor is going to introduce you to a piece of custom-made furniture today. It is the furniture that takes up the smallest space in the room and is the most troublesome for owners of small rooms but cannot do without – a double bed. Under what circumstances is a double transformable bed needed? What are the advantages of the double transformable bed produced by our furniture store, which can unleash the potential of a small space?

1. When do you need to use a double convertible bed?

When the room is not large, if you put an ordinary double bed, there may not even be room to move around. If you also want to put a wardrobe, desk, etc., then you need to use a double convertible bed. At present, the standard finished beds produced by furniture stores are basically 1.5 to 1.8 meters in size. The double transformable bed can also achieve this usage specification and does not take up space. However, you must ask a professional to measure it on the spot, and it needs to be customized in advance.

2. What are the advantages of a double transformable bed?

Some people describe the double transforming bed as a Transformer. In some home improvement programs, you can often see designers hiding the double bed that takes up space in a bookshelf or wardrobe like magic. It cannot be seen when it is put away. A large bed that is comfortable to lie down on. The most basic function of a double transformable bed is to act like a drawer. Some Hong Kong furniture stores will also set it up to be hidden against the wall according to the owner’s request, or it can be pulled out halfway to form a small guest sofa. .

Nowadays, there are many types of double transformable beds. There are double beds that imitate the retractable function of an accordion and may occupy less than 6 square feet; there are also the wall beds mentioned above, and if you also want to make the floor and walls of the bedroom or living room Space is saved, and the lifting ceiling bed is manufactured by the furniture store. When not in use at ordinary times, it can be stowed on the ceiling like a hammock. This requires the use of the remote control function.

Some friends will definitely ask when they see this, then is it not so strong after deformation? In fact, the editor learned from furniture manufacturers that due to the special functions of this kind of deformed double bed, multiple tests are often conducted in terms of material selection, hardware, frequency of use, pressure resistance, etc. to ensure its practicality. It can withstand the discernment of owners and the test of the market.

3. What should you pay attention to when purchasing a double convertible bed?

When purchasing a double transformable bed, you need to pay attention to the following three aspects: First, you must communicate with the manufacturer or sales store in advance. It is best to provide renderings. You must understand the material of the double transformable bed, the price of customized sizes and the materials used. The origin and warranty period of the hardware, etc.; second, check whether there are signs of looseness in the welded areas of the bed; third, whether the bed has an irritating smell of plastic, rubber, etc., and whether it is environmentally friendly.


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